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The Soldiers of The King In Complete Armour: With Questions and Answers of the Christian Armour Against Satan’s Assaults. Kindle Edition

Too often, Christians look at spiritual warfare as a battle between good and evil or between Satan and Christians. But God has taken us out of the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of life, the Kingdom of light, the Kingdom of Salvation and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ our Lord and King.

As we learn to understand the Bible because we have insight from the Spirit of God, we can see that it is much more than fighting against Satan.  Yes, Satan is right in the middle of it all, but this is because he can see our ignorance, slumber, lack of knowledge of God, unwillingness to come to Christ and so on. So, Satan uses these things against us to assail and enslave us.  It is of the outmost importance to understand that. Otherwise, our response to God in time of trials, testing and pruning, is limited through the lenses of Satan, instead of the broader scope which is a battle to teach us to “come to Jesus”. The battle is real, and it is a spiritual one that requires spiritual armour and armoury. It is a battle for our very soul where we can learn to live this life in the way our Commander commands us to. Our spiritual weapons involve much more than just prayers or praying Satan away.  It involves our faith, our response to God, the way we love God and the way we love others, and so much more. It is about how much we learn to live this life in His power, In His grace and in Him. Intellect, eloquence, or trying to become something we FEEL would please God while leaving Him behind will not do. Anything short of His grace and power at work in us, is dung and we become our own stumbling block.

The battle is one that teaches us how to love, how-to live-in faith, to live in union with Him, to become like Christ and to learn the principles involve in being a ROYAL PRIEST” in His Kingdom. This Kindle is filled with questions and answers that embrace the full scope of our spiritual warfare and the weapons we need to conquer.

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