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Day: April 9, 2022

A TREATISE OF SATAN’S TEMPTATIONS-PART II-Satan’s grand design to corrupt the minds of men

3. Thirdly, Satan hath yet a further reach in promoting error, he knows it is a plague that usually infects all round about, and therefore doth he the rather labour in this work, because he hopes thereby to corrupt others, and infected persons are commonly the most busy agents, even to the ‘compassing of sea and land to gain proselytes’ to their false persuasions. This harvest of Satan’s labour is often noted in Scripture. ‘They shall deceive many,’ Matthew xxiv 24.  ‘Many shall follow their pernicious ways,’ 2 Peter ii 2. How quickly had this leaven spread itself in the church of Galatia, even to Paul’s wonder! Galatians I 6, ‘I marvel that you are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel.’ Instances of the spreading of error are frequent. Pelagianism rose about the year, but presently spread itself in Palestine, Africa, Greece, Italy, Sicily, France, and Britain

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