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AARON, Ay´-ron, lofty, mountainous.
Abad´don, the destroyer.
Abagtha, Ab-ag´-tha, father of the wine press.
Abana, Ab-ay´-nah, stony.
Abarim, Ab´-a-rim, passages.
Ab´aron, strength.
Ab´ba, father.
Ab´da, a servant.
Ab´di, my servant.
Abdiel, Ab´-de-el, a servant of God.
Ab´don, a servant.
Abed-nego, A-bed´-ne-go, servant of light.
A´bel, vanity, vapour, mourning.
Abel-beth-maachah, Ay´-bel-beth-ma-ay´-kah, mourning of the house of Maachah.
A´bel-ma´im, the mourning of the waters.
Abel-meholah, Ay´-bel-me-ho´-lah, mourning of weakness, of sickness.
Abel-mizraim, Ay´-bel-miz-ra´-im, the mourning of the Egyptians.
A´bel-shit´tim, mourning of the thorns.
A´bez, an egg, muddy.
Abi, A´-be, my father.
Abiah, Ab-i´-ah, the Lord is my father.
Abi´ahil, the father of light or praise.
Abi-albon, Ab-e-al´-bon, intelligent father.
Ab´iam, the father of the sea.
Abi-as´aph, a gathering or consuming father.
Abiathar, Ab-i´-a-thar, excellent father.
A´bib, green fruits, ears of corn.
Abi´dah, father of knowledge.
Abi´dan, father of judgment.
Abiel, Ab´-e-el, God my father.
Abiezer, Ab-e-e´-zer, father of help.
Abi-ezrite, Ab-e-ez´-rite.
Abigail, Ab´-e-gal, the joy of the father.
Abi´-gibeon, the father of the cup, father of Gibeon.
Abihail, Ab-e-hay´-il, the father of strength.
Abi´hu, he is my father, or his father.
984Abi´hud, the father of praise or confession.
Abijah, Ab-i´-jah, the will of the Lord.
Abi´jam, father of the sea.
Abilene, Ab-e-le´-ne, the father of the apartment, or of mourning.
Abimael, Ab-be-may´-el, a father sent from God, my father comes from God.
Abimelech, Ab-im´-me-lek, father of the king.
Abinadab, Ab-in´-na-dab, father of willingness, my father is a prince.
Abinoam, Ab-in´-no-am, father of beauty or comeliness, my father is beautiful.
Abiram, Ab-i´-ram, a high father, father of
Abishag, Ab´-be-shag, ignorance of the father.
Abishai, Ab-bish´-a-i, the present of my father, the father of the sacrifice.
Abishalom, Ab-bish´-a-lom, the father of peace, the recompence of the father.
Abishua, Ab-bish´-u-a, father of salvation or of magnificence.
Abishur, Ab´-be-shur, the father of the wall or of uprightness.
Abital, Ab´-be-tal, the father of the dew.
Abitub, Ab´-be-tub, father of goodness.
Abiud, Ab´-be-ud, father of praise.
Ab´ner, father of light, the son of the father.
A´braham, the father of a great multitude.
A´bram, a high father, the father of elevation.
Ab´salom, father of peace.
Accad, Ak´-ad, a pitcher, a sparkle.
Accho, Ak´-ko, close, pressed together.
Aceldama, A-kel´-da-mah, the field of blood.
Achaia, A-kay´-yah, grief, trouble.
Achaicus, A-kay´-e-kus, a native of Achaia.
Achan, Achar, A´-kan, A´-kar, he that troubles and bruises.
Achbor, Ak´-bor, a rat, bruising.
Achim, A´-kim, preparing, confirming, revenging.
Achir, A´-ker, the brother’s light.
Achish, A´-kish, thus it is, how is this?
Achmetha, Ak´-me-thah.
Achor, A´-kor, trouble.
Achsah, Ak´-sah, adorned, bursting of the veil.
Achshaph, Ak´-shaph, poison, tricks, one that breaks, the brim of any thing.
Achzib, Ak´-zib, liar, one that runs.
Adadah, Ad´-a-dah, the testimony of the assembly.
Adah, Ay´-dah, an assembly.
Adaiah, Ad-a´-yah, the witness of the Lord.
Adaliah, Ad-a-ly´-ah, one that draws water, poverty, cloud, death.
Ad´am, earthy, taken out of red earth.
Adamah, Ad´-da-mah, red earth.
Adami, Ad´-da-my, my man, red, earthy.
A´dar, high, eminent.
Adbeel, Ad´-be-el, a vapour, a cloud of God, a vexer of God.
Ad´di, my witness, adorned, passage, prey.
Ad´don, basis, foundation, the Lord.
Adiel, Ad´-i-el, the witness of the Lord.
Adin, Ad´-din, adorned, dainty.
Adithaim, Ad-e-thay´-im, assemblies, testimonies.
Adlai, Ad-lay´-i, my witness, my ornament.
Ad´mah, earthy, red earth.
Admatha, Ad´-ma-thah, a cloud of death, a mortal vapour.
Ad´nah, rest, testimony, eternal.
Adona´i, my Lord.
Adoni-bezek, Ad´-o-ne-bee´-zek, the lightning of the Lord, the Lord of Bezek.
Adonijah, Ad-o-ny´-jah, the Lord is my master.
Adonikam, Ad-o-ny´-kam, the Lord is raised, my Lord hath raised me.
Adoniram, Ad-o-ny´-ram, my Lord is most high, the Lord of might and elevation.
Adoni-zedek, Ad´-o-ne-zee´-dek, justice of the Lord.
Adoraim, Ad-o-ray´-im, strength or power of the sea.
Adoram, Ad-o´-ram, their beauty, their power, their praise.
Adrammelech, Ad-ram´-me-lek, the cloak or glory of the king.
Adramyttium, Ad-ra-mit´-te-um, the court of death.
Adria, Ay´-dre-ah, the name of a city, which gives name to the Adriatic Sea, now the Gulf of Venice.
A´driel, the flock of God.
Adullam, Ad-ul´-lam, their testimony, their prey, their ornament.
Adum´mim, earthly or bloody things.
Æ´neas, praised.
Agabus, Ag´-ga-bus, a locust, the feast of the father.
Agag, Ay´-gag, roof, floor.
A´gagite, of the race of Agag.
Aga´pæ, love feasts.
Agar, see Hagar.
Agi´e, a valley, deepness.
Agrippa, A-grip´-pah, one who at his birth causes great pain.
A´gur, a stranger, gathering.
A´hab, the brother of the father.
Aha´rah, a sweet brother, an odoriferous meadow.
985Ahar´hel, another host, another sorrow, the sleep of the brother.
Ahasba´i, trusting in me, brother compassing. In Syriac, a brother of age.
Ahasuerus, A-has-u-e´-rus, prince, chief.
Ahava, A-hay´-vah, essence, generation.
A´haz, one that takes and possesses.
Ahaziah, A-ha-zy´-ah, possession, vision of the Lord.
Ahi, my brother, my brethren.
Ahiah, A-hy´-ah, brother of the Lord.
Ahiam, A-hy´am, brother of the mother, brother of the nation.
Ahian, A-hy´-an, brother of wine.
Ahie´zer, brother of assistance.
Ahi´hud, brother of vanity, a brother of praise.
Ahijah, the same as Ahiah.
Ahikam, A-hy´-kam, a brother that raises up.
Ahi´lud, a brother born.
Ahim´aaz, brother of the council.
Ahi´man, a brother prepared.
Ahimelech, A-him´-me-lek, my brother is a king.
Ahimoth, A´-he-moth, brother of death.
Ahin´adab, a willing brother, a brother of a vow, brother of the prince.
Ahinoam, A-hin´-no-am, the beauty and comeliness of the brother.
Ahi´o, his brother, his brethren.
Ahior. See Achior.
Ahira, A-hy´-rah, brother of iniquity or of the shepherd.
Ahiram, A-hy´-ram, brother of craft, protection.
Ahisamach, A-his´-sa-mak, brother of strength or of support.
Ahishabar, A-his´-sa-bar, brother of the morning or dew, brother of blackness.
Ahi´shar, brother of a prince.
Ahithophel, A-hit´-to-fel, brother of ruin or folly.
Ahi´tub, brother of goodness.
Ah´lab, which is of milk, is fat.
Ah´lai, beseeching, sorrowing, beginning, brother to me.
Aho´ah, a thistle, a thorn, a fish hook, brotherhood.
Aho´hi, a living brother, my thistle or thorn.
Aho´lah, his tabernacle, his tent.
Aholiab, A-ho´-le-ab, the tent or tabernacle of the father.
Aholibah, A-ho´-le-bah, my tent and my tabernacle in her.
Aholibamah, A-ho´-le-bay´-mah, my tabernacle is exalted.
Ahran. See Charan.
Ahu´mar, a meadow of waters, brother of waters.
Ahu´zam, their taking possession, vision.
Ahuz´zah, possession, apprehension, vision.
Ai, or Hai, Ay´-i, mass, heap.
Ai´ah, a raven, a vulture, alas, where is it?
Ai´ath, an hour.
Ai´n, an eye, a fountain.
Aioth, the same as Ai.
Ajalon, Ad´-ja-lon, a chain, strength, a stag.
Ak´kub, the print of the foot where any creature hath gone, supplantation.
Alammelech, Al-am´-me-lek, God is king.
Al´cimus, strong, of strength.
Al´emeth, a hiding, youth, worlds, upon the dead.
Al´emis, strength.
Alexan´der, one that assists men, one that turns away evil.
Alexandria, Al-ex-an´-dre-a, the city of Alexander.
Alleluia, Al-le-lu´-yah, praise the Lord.
A´lian, high.
Al´lon, an oak.
Allon-bachuth, Al´-lon-bak´-kuth, the oak of weeping.
Almo´dad, measure of God.
Al´mon, hidden.
Al´mon-dib´lathaim, a hiding, a heap of fig trees.
Alpha, Al´-fah, the first letter of the Greek alphabet, marked A.
Alpheus, Al-fe´-us, a thousand, chief.
A´mad, a people of witness, people everlasting.
Am´alek, a people that licks up or uses ill.
Amal´ekites, people descended from Amalek.
A´mam, mother, fear of them, people.
Amana, Am-ay´-nah, integrity and truth.
Amariah, Am-a-ry´-ah, the Lord says, the excellency of the Lord.
Amasa, Am-ay´-sah, a forgiving people, the burden of the people.
Amaziah, Am-a-zy´-ah, the strength of the Lord.
A´mi. See Amam.
Am´mah, my people.
Ammi, the same as Ammah.
Ammihud, Am´-me-hud, people of praise.
Amminadab, Am-min´-na-dab, prince of the people, a people that vows.
Ammishaddai, Am-me-shad´-day-i, the people of the Almighty.
Am´mon, the son of my people.
Am´monites, a people descended from Benammi, son of Lot.
Am´non, faithful and true, foster father.
Amon, Ay´-mon, faithful, true.
Am´orite, bitter, a rebel, a babbler.
Amos, Ay´-mos, loading, weighty.
Amoz, Ay´-moz, strong, robust.
Amphipolis, Am-fip´-po-lis, a city encompassed by the sea.
Amplias, Am´-ple-as, large, extensive.
Am´ram, an exalted people, handfuls of corn.
Amraphel, Am´-ra-fel, one that speaks of hidden things or of ruin.
Am´zi, strong, mighty.
A´nab, a grape, a knot.
Anah, Ay´-nah, one who answers or sings, poor, afflicted.
Anak, Ay´-nak, a collar, an ornament.
Anakims, An´-ak-ims. See Anak.
Anammelech, An-am´-me-lek, answer, song of the king.
A´nan, a cloud, a prophecy.
Ananias, An-a-ny´-as, the cloud of the Lord.
Anathoth, An´-a-thoth, answer, affliction.
Andrew, An´drue, a stout and strong man.
Andronicus, An-dron´-ne-kus, a man excelling others.
Aner, Ay´-ner, answer, song, affliction.
An´na, gracious, merciful.
An´nas, one that answers, that afflicts.
An´tichrist, an adversary to Christ.
Antioch, An´-te-ok, instead of a chariot.
An´tipas, against all.
Antipatris, An-te-pay´-tris, against his own father.
986Apelles, A-pel´-lees, to exclude, to separate.
Aphek, Ay´-fek, a stream, vigour.
Apollonia, Ap-po-lo´-ne-ah, perdition.
Apol´los, one that destroys and lays waste.
Apollyon, A-pol´-le-on, one that exterminates or destroys.
Apphia, Af´-e-ah, that is fruitful.
Appii-forum, Ap´-pe-i-fo´-rum, a town so called from Appius Claudius, whose statue was erected there.
Aquila, Ak´-we-lah, an eagle.
Ar, awaking, uncovering.
Ara´bia, evening, a place wild and desert; mixtures, because this country was inhabited by different kinds of people.
Ara´bian, an inhabitant of Arabia.
A´rad, a wild ass, a dragon.
A´ram, magnificence, one that deceives.
Ararat, Ar´-ra-rat, the curse of trembling.
Araunah, A-raw´-nah, ark, song, curse.
Ar´ba, the city of the four.
Archelaus, Ar-ke´-lay-us, the prince of the people.
Archippus, Ar-kip´-pus, governor of horses.
Arcturus, Ark-tew´-rus, a gathering together.
Ard, one that commands.
Areli, Ar-e´-lie, the light or vision of God.
Areopagite, A-re-op´-a-gyte, belonging to the council called Areopagus.
Areopagus, A-re-op´-a-gus, the hill of Mars; a place where the magistrates of Athens held their supreme council; from ἀρεῖος, “of Mars,” and ϖάγος, “a hill.”
Aretas, A-re´-tas, one that is agreeable or virtuous.
Ar´gob, a turf of earth, curse of the well.
Ariel, Ay´-re-el, the altar, light, lion of God.
Arimathea, Ar-re-ma-the´-ah, a lion dead to the Lord. Ramath, or Ramah, a city where Samuel dwelt.
Arioch, Ar´-e-ok, long, your drunkenness, your lion.
Aristarchus, A-ris-tar´-kus, the best prince.
Aristobulus, A-ris-tob´-bu-lus, a good counsellor.
Armageddon, Ar-ma-ged´-don, the mountain of Megiddo, of the gospel, of fruits.
Armenia, Ar-me´-ne-ah, a province which is supposed to take its name from Aram.
Ar´non, rejoicing, their ark.
Ar´oer, heath, tamarisk, the nakedness of the skin or of the enemy.
Ar´pad, the light of redemption, that lies down.
Arphaxad, Ar-fak´s-ad, one that heals or releases.
Artaxerxes, Ar-taks-erk´s-es, in Hebrew, Artachsasta, the silence of light.
Artemas, Ar´-te-mas, whole, sound.
Asa, Ay´-sah, physician, cure.
Asahel, As´-a-el, the work or creature of God.
Asaiah, As´-a-i-ah, the Lord hath wrought.
Asaph, Ay´-saf, one that assembles together.
Asenath, As´-e-nath, peril, misfortune.
A´shan, vapour, smoke.
Ash´dod, inclination, a wild open place.
Ash´er, blessedness.
As´hiel, the work of God.
Ashima, Ash´-e-mah, crime, position, fire of the sea.
Ashkenaz, Ash´-ke-naz, a fire that distils or spreads.
Ashtaroth, Ash´-ta-roth, flocks, riches.
Ash´ur, one that is happy.
Ash´vath, making vestments.
Asia, Ay´-she-a, muddy, boggy.
As´kelon, weight, balance, fire of infamy.
Asnap´per, unhappiness, fruitless.
Assir, prisoner, fettered.
As´sos, approaching.
Assyria, As-sir´-re-a.
Assyrian, As-sir´-re-an.
Asyncritus, A-sin´-kre-tus, incomparable.
A´tad, a thorn.
Ata´roth, crowns, counsel of making full.
Athaliah, Ath-a-ly´-ah, the time of the Lord.
Athenians, Ath-ee´-ne-ans, inhabitants of Athens.
Ath´ens, so called from Athene, Minerva.
Attalia, At-ta-ly´-ah, that increases or sends.
A´ven, iniquity, force, riches.
Augus´tus, increased, majestic.
Azariah, Az-a-ry´-ah, assistance, he that hears the Lord.
Azekah, Az-ee´-kah, strength of walls.
Az´gad, a strong army, a gang of robbers.
Aznoth-tabor, Az´-noth-tay´-bor, the ears of Tabor, of choice, purity, contrition.
Azo´tus, the same as Ashdod.
A´zur, he that assists, that is assisted.
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