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Backsliding Christian By Richard Baxter

Conversely, those whose judgments are influenced by perverse inclinations of the will are generally carnal in nature. Even though they are unaware of it, they are also worldly and hypocritical. Their fleshly minds and interests have never been conquered. Neither have they conquered the world, nor have they become acquainted with divine love or divine nature. It is very likely that bias will easily prevail against the light of their understanding if their hearts are not renewed and holy. Their profession may change due to their beliefs, the influence of education, government, or religion in their country of residence, or any combination of these factors. Gradually, they come to accept doctrines that would save them from suffering or give them the freedom to live fleshly, ambitious, and worldly lives.

  1. There are many ways and degrees by which backsliders in the heart fall since Satan’s methods are not always the same. The corruption of their judgments is one of the reasons many of them fall since every error has a profound impact on the heart.

They turn their hearts away from God when they are unexpectedly tempted into gross or sensual sin.

Though some sins of the heart may still precede, the extraordinary declension and pravity of the heart may sometimes be the result of errors in judgment and in living.

In some cases, one can see both the beginning and the progress in one’s appetite and will. As a result, the tendency toward evil (or sensual or carnal good) and the decline from true, spiritual good often coincide. In most cases, this method and degree are used.

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