The Soldiers of The King In Complete Armour: With Questions and Answers of the Christian Armour Against Satan’s Assaults. Kindle Edition

Too often, Christians look at spiritual warfare as a battle between good and evil or between Satan and Christians. But God has taken us out […]

Some particulars that are handled and applied in both Books of this CHRISTIAN ARMOUR

Q. What comfortable meditations and directions can you bring forth for a Christian wife, that had lost a good and a godly husband?
Q. What if temptations and afflictions be, that is, of long endurance, how then shall a Christian man hold out, and lose no ground?
Q. How shall good husbands comfort themselves, when they are married to evil and unquiet wives?
Question. How are good women to comfort themselves when they are matched with evil husbands?
Question. What is persecution?

Sermons – A Good Soldier of Jesus Christ by Charles H. Spurgeon 

12. I. First, then, this morning, we shall endeavour TO DESCRIBE A GOOD SOLDIER OF JESUS CHRIST. We must begin with this fundamental — he must be loyal to his King. A soldier of Jesus Christ acknowledges the divine Redeemer as his King, and confesses his sole and undivided sovereignty in the spiritual kingdom. He abhors Antichrist in all its forms, and every principle that opposes itself to the reign of the beloved Prince of Peace. Jesus is to him both Lord and God. The day when he enlisted, he did as it were put his finger into the print of the nails, and say with Thomas, “My Lord and my God.” This was his enlistment declaration, and he remains true to it. “Christ is all,” is his motto, and to win all men to obedience to Emmanuel is his lifework. Until he sheathes his sword in the last victory, the Crucified is sole monarch of his soul; for him he lives, for him he would even dare to die. He has entered into solemn league and covenant, to maintain against all comers that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.

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