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Category: LETTERS on Spiritual Christianity

With Christ My Savior

Letters on Spiritual Christianity——THE GROWTH OF THE GOSPELS

THE GROWTH OF THE GOSPELS My dear ——, You force me to digress. My object just now was to shew that the life of Christ (no less than the history of the redemption of Israel) can be disentangled from “miracles”, although not from “mighty works”; and I proposed to take the six or seven principal…
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Letters on Spiritual Christianity——THE MIRACLES OF THE NEW TESTAMENT

THE MIRACLES OF THE NEW TESTAMENT My dear ——, You demur to the parallel that I draw between the Old Testament and the New Testament; “The Battle of Beth-horon can be disentangled from the miracle of the stopping of the sun, just as the battles of Salamis and Regillus can be disentangled from the visions…
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Letters on Spiritual Christianity——THE WORSHIP OF CHRIST

THE WORSHIP OF CHRIST My dear ——, Your letter of yesterday raises two objections, which I will do my best to meet. First, if I regard Christ as God, I ought not, you think, to stumble at the miracles, but to welcome, and even to require, them; and secondly, you are not satisfied with my…
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Letters on Spiritual Christianity——WHAT IS NATURE?

WHAT IS NATURE? My dear ——, Desiring to approach the subject of miracles, you ask me whether I do not accept the following sentence as a statement of my views concerning nature: “The Universe is perennially renewed and created afresh by an active energy of the Spirit of God, and what we call ‘laws of…
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Letters on Spiritual Christianity——FAITH AND DEMONSTRATION

FAITH AND DEMONSTRATION My dear ——, I am afraid your notions about “proof” are still rather hazy; for you quote against me a stern and self-denying dictum which passes current among some of your young friends, that “it is immoral to believe what cannot be proved.” Have you seriously asked yourself what you mean by…
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Letters on Spiritual Christianity——WHAT IS WORSHIP?

WHAT IS WORSHIP? My dear ——, Admitting the doctrine of illusion, and dismissing all prejudice against what is new, you declare that still my position remains absolutely unintelligible to you. I will set down your objection in your own words: “Apparently you maintain that Christ is a mere man who came into the world, lived,…
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Letters on Spiritual Christianity——ILLUSIONS

ILLUSIONS My dear ——, I see you are still violently prejudiced against illusions, that is to say against recognising the very important part which they have played in the spiritual development of mankind. You clearly believe that, though the world may be full of illusions, Revelation ought to be free from them. “The Word of…
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Letters on Spiritual Christianity——SATAN AND EVOLUTION

SATAN AND EVOLUTION My dear ——, Your grounds of objection appear to be now changed. You say you do not understand my position with regard to Evolution, as I described it before, and referred to it in my last letter. If I admit Evolution, you ask how I can consistently deny that every nation and…
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Letters on Spiritual Christianity——THE CULTURE OF FAITH

THE CULTURE OF FAITH My dear ——, I have been very much pained by your sprightly account of the lively and witty conversation between you and your clever young friends, —— and ——, on the proofs of the existence of a God. Bear with me if I assure you that discussions in that spirit are…
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Letters on Spiritual Christianity——IDEALS AND TESTS

IDEALS AND TESTS My dear ——, Let us now return to the consideration of the “knowledge of persons.” How do we gain knowledge of a human being, that is to say of his motives? “By observing his actions in many different circumstances, especially in extremities of joy, sorrow, fear, temptation, and then by comparing his…
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