Category: The Birth of The Modern Age

With Christ My Savior

Mesopotamia C. 2500 BC

Mesopotamia C. 2500 BC The world’s first libraries are being set up at Shurruppak and Eresh.

Rome 1 November 1503

Rome 1 November 1503 Guiliano della Rovere, who takes the name Julius II, is the second Pope to be elected in a year. He succeeds  Pius III, who became pope on 18 August, upon the death of Alexander VI

Spain 20 March 1503

Spain 20 March 1503 The saragossa Instruction sets out a series of measures intended to encourage the Indians in the New World to adopt a settled way of life and to spread the Gospel among them.

Spain February 12, 1502

Spain February 12, 1502 A Royal edict orders the expulsion from Castile of all Moors who have not been baptized as Christians.

Brazil 1500

 Brazil 1500  En route to India via the Coast of Africa, Portuguese navigator Pedro alvares Cabral goes astray and discovers Brazil.  

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