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Category: True Conversion

With Christ My Savior


“All Israel will mourn for Abijah and bury him. He is the only one belonging to Jeroboam who will be buried, because he is the only one in the house of Jeroboam in whom the Lord has found some good thing toward the Lord God of Israel.” 1 Kings 14:13 God, who calls His people…
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What is Conversion? 

by James Smith, 1857 Conversion is the turning of the soul, from error to truth, from sin to holiness, from works to Jesus, and from Satan to God. Man has turned his back upon God; in conversion he turns his face to God. Man has closed his ear against God, when converted, he says, “Speak,…
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True conversion The Spirit calls men to Jesus in diverse ways- Some are drawn so gently that they scarcely know when the drawing began, and others are so suddenly affected, that their conversion stands out with noonday clearness. Perhaps no two conversions are precisely alike in detail- the means, the modes, the manifestations, all vary…
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Real Conversion James Smith, 1859

Real conversion supposes that it has a counterfeit — something like conversion which is not the thing itself. For instance, a man may change his sentiments, on many points his feelings may undergo a change, and he may reform his life — and yet not be really converted to God. Many have had convictions and…
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The ASSURANCE of Conversion

“I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day.”–2 Tim. 1:12 If there is one question involving our personal well-being upon which, above all others, there should not linger the shade of a shadow of uncertainty and doubt, it…
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“What must I do to be saved?”–Acts 16:30 Many readers of this work may have traveled through its pages to the present chapter with a sad conviction that hitherto their spiritual state touching the momentous subject of which it treats has been unmet. Feeling that they cannot lay claim to Christian experience so advanced, they…
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