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Hardness of Heart Kindle by Richard Baxter

Direct. II. Be mindful of the unspeakable greatness and importance of the truths and things that should concern you, and the duties you are duty-bound to fulfill. The idea of eternal joy or torment carries such a profound impact on the human mind, that one would think it would affect our hearts to the core. This would command our obedience and service. There is no doubt that they are unseen, and therefore less likely to affect us in that respect than things visible; however, their greatness should more than offset that disadvantage. We should speak and act carefully if our lives depend on every word we say or every step we take.

Oh, how deeply we should be affected by things pertaining to our eternal life! Death, and the prospect of entering into an endless cycle of pain and pleasure, would seem to occupy and occupy the mind of man to such an extent that we should not be concerned with, or aware of, our modest interests. There is no excuse for a senseless, careless, negligent heart when God is looking on us and heaven or hell is just around the corner!

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