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Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible

by outofmydepths
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I have created a Kindle version of this commentary for each book of the Bible to facilitate studying the Bible. I did that because I found it useful to have it with me if I needed to consult the word of God and dig deeper wherever I am. I did not have to worry about being offline.

I have it on Amazon for $0.99 per Kindle. But I have written a book on the Gospel of Matthew. So far, I have more than 600 pages. “WHAT I HAVE LEARNED FROM THE SPIRIT OF GOD” is the theme of the book.

In order to make what I share clearer and more useful to those who read it, I must have it cleaned up by a professional. Currently, I am doing a fundraising campaign in order to raise the thousands of dollars required to complete the project. All 66 Kindle versions of Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Bible are available for a donation of $1.00.

I have enlisted the help of Payhip in order to provide you with a reliable and secure means of processing this digital transaction. You will be able to download the file immediately after your donation has been processed.

Any Problems or Questions, please contact me.

Thanks for your support

Volume Index

Vol. I.—Genesis to Deuteronomy.

Vol. II.—Joshua to Esther.

Vol. III.—Job to Song of Solomon.

Vol. IV.—Isaiah to Malachi.

Vol. IV.—Isaiah to Malachi.

Vol. V.—Matthew to John.

Vol. VI.—Acts to Revelation.





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