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Practicing the Presence of God -1st Conversation


I first met Brother Lawrence on the 3rd of August 1666. I was told by him that God had done him a singular favor, by converting him at the age of eighteen.

Seeing a tree stripped of leaves in winter and realizing it would grow back within a few months and then fruit and flowers would bloom, he was deeply touched by God’s Providence and Power. The memory has never faded. As a result, he was free of the world. There’s no way he would have known how much love he had for GOD during those forty years.

Mr. Fieubert, the treasurer, was his footman, and he broke almost everything he touched. Even though he wished to be accepted into a monastery, assuming he would be foolish for his awkwardness and his faults, he should sacrifice his entire life to GOD with all its pleasures, but after being disappointed by God, there’s nothing but happiness there.

Having constant conversations with GOD keeps us in His presence all the time. He said it was shameful to interrupt His conversation and think about silly stuff. It’s good for our souls to nurture high notions of GOD, so we can be devoted to Him with joy.

It’s good to quicken, i.e., to enliven, our faith. There’s so little; and instead of taking faith as their standard of conduct, people indulge in trivial devotions that change every day. Because the Way of Faith is the spirit of the Church, it leads us to greater perfection.

All things temporal and spiritual should be given up to God. Our satisfaction must only come from following His will, whether it be suffering or comfort. The soul that truly resigns is equal to the whole. Whenever God tests our love for him, we need to be dependable and steadfast when we encounter dryness, insensibility, and irksomeness in prayer. During those times, we need to act and act effectively, which can be very beneficial to our spiritual lives.
He prayed for any miseries or sins he heard about every day in the world, but knowing that GOD would fix them when He pleased, he didn’t give himself any more trouble.

In order to get the kind of resignation God wants, we have to be aware of all the passions that mix with both spiritual and gross things, so that God can give insight into those passions to those who really want to serve Him. As long as I’m sincere in serving God, I can simply come and see him (B. Lawrence) as often as I like without any fear of being bothered; if not, I shouldn’t bother him.


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