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What is meant by the tree of life, and why was it placed in the middle of Paradise? (Gen 2:9).

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Aug 17, 2022 06:49 AM 1 Answers Bible Questions
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Aug 17, 2022

 Some people have believed that, if there were really plants of a corporeal and deadly nature, there are also some which are causes of life and immortality, because, they say, life and death are opposed to one another, and because some plants are ascertained to be unwholesome, therefore of necessity there must be others from which health may be derived. But what these are which are wholesome they know not; for generations, as the opinion of the wise has it, is the beginning of corruption.

But perhaps we ought to look on these things as spoken in an allegorical sense; for some say the tree of life belongs to the earth, inasmuch as it is the earth which produces everything which is of use for life, whether it be the life of mankind or of any other animal; since God has appointed the situation in the center for this plant, and the center of the universe is the earth.

There are others who assert that what is meant by the tree of life is the center between the seven circles of heaven; but some affirm that it is the sun which is meant, as that is nearly in the center, between the different planets, and is likewise the cause of the four seasons, and since it is owing to him that everything which exists is called into existence.

Others again understand by the tree of life the direction of the soul, for this, it is which renders the sense nervous and solid, so as to produce actions corresponding to its nature, and to the community of the parts of the body. But whatever is in the middle is in a manner the primary cause and beginning of things, like the leader of a chorus. But still, the best and wisest authorities have considered that by the tree of life is indicated the best of all the virtues of man, piety, by which alone the mind attains to immortality.

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