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The Bible In A Year-Study

Discipline yourself to read the Bible because this is the only way you can increase your faith, get to know Him, and live in an intimate relationship with Him.

Then, Set a Goal to memorize the Scripture

As you spend more time with God, you’ll want to spend more time with Him. It is not enough to simply know what God’s Word says. Having His Word ingrained in your mind through intentional memorization is very powerful. Scripture memorization strengthens your faith and allows you to resist temptation, praise God in all things, and stand firm during times of adversity.

A heart submitted, willing to obey God in all things, with the right attitude and disposition toward Him is needed to understand and hear the word of God. We need to hear with the ears in the new heart. Anything less is almost useless and we end up living this life on earth just like those in the third soil of the Parable of the Sower.

The chapters and verses are already linked to the Bible. 



January –  February – March

April  –  May  –   June

July  – August – September

October – November – December


















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