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The Practice of the Presence of God-FIFTEENTH LETTER

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To the Same.

Our Creator knows what is best for us, and all that He does is for our good. The sweet and the bitter that come from His Hand are all pleasing to us if we understand how much He loves us. Except when we see them the wrong way, the sorest afflictions never seem intolerable. Our sufferings will lose their bitterness if we know that they are dispensed by the hands of GOD. This is because we see it as our loving FATHER who afflicts and distresses us.

Our sole employment should be to know God: the more one knows Him, the more one wants to know Him. The greater our knowledge becomes, the greater our love for GOD will be: and if our love for GOD is great, we should love Him equally in both pain and pleasure.

Our love for GOD should not be limited to just the tangible favors he has performed for us, no matter how high. Despite being so great, such favors cannot bring us closer to God as one simple act of faith does. May we seek Him often by faith. May we seek Him within, not without. Those of us who love Him alone aren’t we rude, and don’t we deserve blame? This is because we spend our time thinking about trifles that do not please and perhaps offend Him? It is to be feared that these trifles will one day cost us dearly.

Let us begin to dedicate ourselves to Him in good faith. Cast everything else out of our hearts. Only He would possess them. Request this favor from Him. As we do what we can on our part, we will soon see the changes wrought in us that we aspire to. It is impossible to adequately thank Him for the relaxation He has granted to you. In His mercy, I hope to see Him within a few days. Let us pray for each other.

In our LORD, I am Yours, etc.




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