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The Practice of the Presence of God – FOURTH LETTER

by outofmydepths
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In this letter, I’d like to share with you the thoughts of one of our society members, who receives continual assistance from God through the presence of God. You and I can learn from them.

As you must know, his continual care has been, for the last forty years he has spent in religion, to always be with GOD and to do nothing, say nothing, or think anything that should offend Him; and this without any other reason than for the love of Him, and because He deserves it.

In the midst of everything he goes through, he still receives consolation from the Divine Presence. The last thirty years, his soul has been filled with joys so constant, and sometimes so great, that he has to use means to moderate them, and to prevent them from showing up outwardly.

If he’s feeling too far away from the Divine Presence sometimes, God will find a way to remind him by making Himself felt in his soul, which usually happens when he’s doing everything he can in his outward pursuits. He answers with exact fidelity to these inward drawings, either by an elevation of his heart towards GOD, or by a meek, humble and fond regard to Him, or by the words of love that spring up at such moments, like My God, here I am all devoted to Thee: LORD, make me like Thee. Then it seems to him (as in fact he feels it) that this GOD of love, satisfied with that few words, reposes and rests again in the depths of his soul. He gets such a sense that God is always at the bottom of his heart that he can never doubt it no matter what.

Look at how content he is while finding a treasure in himself so wonderful. Now he doesn’t need to chase it, he has it ahead of him, and he can do with it what he likes.

He complains about our blindness a lot and laments about how we are to be pitied for settling for so little. ‘God has infinite treasure to give,’ says he, and we take it up with a little reflection that passes in a flash. Blind as we are, we stop the flow of grace from GOD. But when He finds a soul with a live faith, He pours graces and favors into it abundantly: there they flow like a torrent, which, after it has been halted against its natural course, when it finds a passage, floods its way with impetus and abundance.

This torrent is often stopped by how little value we put on it. But let’s not stop it anymore; let’s enter into ourselves and break down that bank. Let’s make way for grace; let’s redeem lost time, because we might only have a few left. Let’s be ready for death: for we die only once, and a miscarriage is irretrievable.

Take a look at yourself. There’s no time to waste: our souls are on the line. You’ve taken such effective measures that you won’t be surprised. That’s the one thing you need to do. We’ve got to work at it, though, because if we don’t advance in the spiritual life, we’re going backwards. Those with the HOLY SPIRIT go forward even when they’re asleep. In case our soul is still tossed by winds and storms, let’s wake up the LORD who sleeps in it, and He will calm the sea.

I wanted to share these good feelings with you, so you could compare them with your own. If by misfortune (which GOD forbids, since it would be indeed a great misfortune) they were cooled, it would serve again to kindle and enflame them. Let’s both remember our first fervors. We can learn from the example and sentiments of this brother who is little known to the world but well known to God, and pampered by Him. I’ll pray for you; pray immediately for me, who am in our LORD.

Yours, &c.


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