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The Practice of the Presence of God – THIRD CONVERSATION

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Since the basis for his spiritual life had been an exceptional conception and respect for GOD in faith, once he had achieved that, he had no other concern, except to ignore everything else, and to do everything for the love of GOD. Sometimes he forgot about God for a while, but then he did not get discouraged about it. Instead, after acknowledging his wretchedness to God, he returned to Him with greater trust in Him, since he had forgotten God.

Trusting God honors Him greatly, and draws grace down on us.
There was no way GOD could deceive, let alone leave a soul suffering after resigning perfectly to Him and resolving to endure anything for Him.

Having experienced Divine Grace so often upon all occasions, that when he had business to take care of, he did not think about it beforehand, but when the time came, he found in GOD all he needed. The last few times he acted this way, he wasn’t anticipating care; before the experience above, he used it. When outward matters distracted him a little from GOD, a new remembrance from GOD flooded his mind, inflaming and transporting him to such a degree that it was difficult to contain his emotions.

I think he was closer to God when he was working outwardly than when he retired for devotion.

He knew that he would suffer some great pain in the future, but the worse that could happen to him was losing the sense of GOD he enjoyed for so long; but God’s goodness assured him that He would never abandon him utterly, and that He would give him strength to endure whatever malice He permitted to come to him; therefore he feared nothing, and considered himself secure. The fact he had always come away more confused at the end of attempting it; and that since he knew he was prepared to lay down his life for the love of GOD, he had no fear. A complete surrender to GOD was a sure way to heaven, a way where we always had enough light for our lives.

In order to begin the spiritual life, one must do our duty and deny oneself; but then there are unimaginable pleasures; when one is facing difficulties, one only has to call on JESUS CHRIST and ask for his grace; with that, everything became easy.

As Christians, we don’t advance because people stick to penances and particular exercises, but ignore the love of God, which is the point of Christianity. This is evident by their work, and this is why we don’t see a lot of solid virtue.

The only requirement for going to GOD is a resolutely determined heart which applies itself to nothing but Him, or for His sake, and to love him only.




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