The Proper Names in The Old Testament


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AARON, Ay´-ron, lofty, mountainous.
Abad´don, the destroyer.
Abagtha, Ab-ag´-tha, father of the wine press.
Abana, Ab-ay´-nah, stony.
Abarim, Ab´-a-rim, passages.
Ab´aron, strength.
Ab´ba, father.
Ab´da, a servant.
Ab´di, my servant.
Abdiel, Ab´-de-el, a servant of God.
Ab´don, a servant.
Abed-nego, A-bed´-ne-go, servant of light.
A´bel, vanity, vapour, mourning.
Abel-beth-maachah, Ay´-bel-beth-ma-ay´-kah, mourning of the house of Maachah.
A´bel-ma´im, the mourning of the waters.
Abel-meholah, Ay´-bel-me-ho´-lah, mourning of weakness, of sickness.
Abel-mizraim, Ay´-bel-miz-ra´-im, the mourning of the Egyptians.
A´bel-shit´tim, mourning of the thorns.
A´bez, an egg, muddy.
Abi, A´-be, my father.
Abiah, Ab-i´-ah, the Lord is my father.
Abi´ahil, the father of light or praise.
Abi-albon, Ab-e-al´-bon, intelligent father.
Ab´iam, the father of the sea.
Abi-as´aph, a gathering or consuming father.
Abiathar, Ab-i´-a-thar, excellent father.
A´bib, green fruits, ears of corn.
Abi´dah, father of knowledge.
Abi´dan, father of judgment.
Abiel, Ab´-e-el, God my father.
Abiezer, Ab-e-e´-zer, father of help.
Abi-ezrite, Ab-e-ez´-rite.
Abigail, Ab´-e-gal, the joy of the father.
Abi´-gibeon, the father of the cup, father of Gibeon.
Abihail, Ab-e-hay´-il, the father of strength.
Abi´hu, he is my father, or his father.
984Abi´hud, the father of praise or confession.
Abijah, Ab-i´-jah, the will of the Lord.
Abi´jam, father of the sea.
Abilene, Ab-e-le´-ne, the father of the apartment, or of mourning.
Abimael, Ab-be-may´-el, a father sent from God, my father comes from God.
Abimelech, Ab-im´-me-lek, father of the king.
Abinadab, Ab-in´-na-dab, father of willingness, my father is a prince.
Abinoam, Ab-in´-no-am, father of beauty or comeliness, my father is beautiful.
Abiram, Ab-i´-ram, a high father, father of
Abishag, Ab´-be-shag, ignorance of the father.
Abishai, Ab-bish´-a-i, the present of my father, the father of the sacrifice.
Abishalom, Ab-bish´-a-lom, the father of peace, the recompence of the father.
Abishua, Ab-bish´-u-a, father of salvation or of magnificence.
Abishur, Ab´-be-shur, the father of the wall or of uprightness.
Abital, Ab´-be-tal, the father of the dew.
Abitub, Ab´-be-tub, father of goodness.
Abiud, Ab´-be-ud, father of praise.
Ab´ner, father of light, the son of the father.
A´braham, the father of a great multitude.
A´bram, a high father, the father of elevation.
Ab´salom, father of peace.
Accad, Ak´-ad, a pitcher, a sparkle.
Accho, Ak´-ko, close, pressed together.
Aceldama, A-kel´-da-mah, the field of blood.
Achaia, A-kay´-yah, grief, trouble.
Achaicus, A-kay´-e-kus, a native of Achaia.
Achan, Achar, A´-kan, A´-kar, he that troubles and bruises.
Achbor, Ak´-bor, a rat, bruising.
Achim, A´-kim, preparing, confirming, revenging.
Achir, A´-ker, the brother’s light.
Achish, A´-kish, thus it is, how is this?
Achmetha, Ak´-me-thah.
Achor, A´-kor, trouble.
Achsah, Ak´-sah, adorned, bursting of the veil.
Achshaph, Ak´-shaph, poison, tricks, one that breaks, the brim of any thing.
Achzib, Ak´-zib, liar, one that runs.
Adadah, Ad´-a-dah, the testimony of the assembly.
Adah, Ay´-dah, an assembly.
Adaiah, Ad-a´-yah, the witness of the Lord.
Adaliah, Ad-a-ly´-ah, one that draws water, poverty, cloud, death.
Ad´am, earthy, taken out of red earth.
Adamah, Ad´-da-mah, red earth.
Adami, Ad´-da-my, my man, red, earthy.
A´dar, high, eminent.
Adbeel, Ad´-be-el, a vapour, a cloud of God, a vexer of God.
Ad´di, my witness, adorned, passage, prey.
Ad´don, basis, foundation, the Lord.
Adiel, Ad´-i-el, the witness of the Lord.
Adin, Ad´-din, adorned, dainty.
Adithaim, Ad-e-thay´-im, assemblies, testimonies.
Adlai, Ad-lay´-i, my witness, my ornament.
Ad´mah, earthy, red earth.
Admatha, Ad´-ma-thah, a cloud of death, a mortal vapour.
Ad´nah, rest, testimony, eternal.
Adona´i, my Lord.
Adoni-bezek, Ad´-o-ne-bee´-zek, the lightning of the Lord, the Lord of Bezek.
Adonijah, Ad-o-ny´-jah, the Lord is my master.
Adonikam, Ad-o-ny´-kam, the Lord is raised, my Lord hath raised me.
Adoniram, Ad-o-ny´-ram, my Lord is most high, the Lord of might and elevation.
Adoni-zedek, Ad´-o-ne-zee´-dek, justice of the Lord.
Adoraim, Ad-o-ray´-im, strength or power of the sea.
Adoram, Ad-o´-ram, their beauty, their power, their praise.
Adrammelech, Ad-ram´-me-lek, the cloak or glory of the king.
Adramyttium, Ad-ra-mit´-te-um, the court of death.
Adria, Ay´-dre-ah, the name of a city, which gives name to the Adriatic Sea, now the Gulf of Venice.
A´driel, the flock of God.
Adullam, Ad-ul´-lam, their testimony, their prey, their ornament.
Adum´mim, earthly or bloody things.
Æ´neas, praised.
Agabus, Ag´-ga-bus, a locust, the feast of the father.
Agag, Ay´-gag, roof, floor.
A´gagite, of the race of Agag.
Aga´pæ, love feasts.
Agar, see Hagar.
Agi´e, a valley, deepness.
Agrippa, A-grip´-pah, one who at his birth causes great pain.
A´gur, a stranger, gathering.
A´hab, the brother of the father.
Aha´rah, a sweet brother, an odoriferous meadow.
985Ahar´hel, another host, another sorrow, the sleep of the brother.
Ahasba´i, trusting in me, brother compassing. In Syriac, a brother of age.
Ahasuerus, A-has-u-e´-rus, prince, chief.
Ahava, A-hay´-vah, essence, generation.
A´haz, one that takes and possesses.
Ahaziah, A-ha-zy´-ah, possession, vision of the Lord.
Ahi, my brother, my brethren.
Ahiah, A-hy´-ah, brother of the Lord.
Ahiam, A-hy´am, brother of the mother, brother of the nation.
Ahian, A-hy´-an, brother of wine.
Ahie´zer, brother of assistance.
Ahi´hud, brother of vanity, a brother of praise.
Ahijah, the same as Ahiah.
Ahikam, A-hy´-kam, a brother that raises up.
Ahi´lud, a brother born.
Ahim´aaz, brother of the council.
Ahi´man, a brother prepared.
Ahimelech, A-him´-me-lek, my brother is a king.
Ahimoth, A´-he-moth, brother of death.
Ahin´adab, a willing brother, a brother of a vow, brother of the prince.
Ahinoam, A-hin´-no-am, the beauty and comeliness of the brother.
Ahi´o, his brother, his brethren.
Ahior. See Achior.
Ahira, A-hy´-rah, brother of iniquity or of the shepherd.
Ahiram, A-hy´-ram, brother of craft, protection.
Ahisamach, A-his´-sa-mak, brother of strength or of support.
Ahishabar, A-his´-sa-bar, brother of the morning or dew, brother of blackness.
Ahi´shar, brother of a prince.
Ahithophel, A-hit´-to-fel, brother of ruin or folly.
Ahi´tub, brother of goodness.
Ah´lab, which is of milk, is fat.
Ah´lai, beseeching, sorrowing, beginning, brother to me.
Aho´ah, a thistle, a thorn, a fish hook, brotherhood.
Aho´hi, a living brother, my thistle or thorn.
Aho´lah, his tabernacle, his tent.
Aholiab, A-ho´-le-ab, the tent or tabernacle of the father.
Aholibah, A-ho´-le-bah, my tent and my tabernacle in her.
Aholibamah, A-ho´-le-bay´-mah, my tabernacle is exalted.
Ahran. See Charan.
Ahu´mar, a meadow of waters, brother of waters.
Ahu´zam, their taking possession, vision.
Ahuz´zah, possession, apprehension, vision.
Ai, or Hai, Ay´-i, mass, heap.
Ai´ah, a raven, a vulture, alas, where is it?
Ai´ath, an hour.
Ai´n, an eye, a fountain.
Aioth, the same as Ai.
Ajalon, Ad´-ja-lon, a chain, strength, a stag.
Ak´kub, the print of the foot where any creature hath gone, supplantation.
Alammelech, Al-am´-me-lek, God is king.
Al´cimus, strong, of strength.
Al´emeth, a hiding, youth, worlds, upon the dead.
Al´emis, strength.
Alexan´der, one that assists men, one that turns away evil.
Alexandria, Al-ex-an´-dre-a, the city of Alexander.
Alleluia, Al-le-lu´-yah, praise the Lord.
A´lian, high.
Al´lon, an oak.
Allon-bachuth, Al´-lon-bak´-kuth, the oak of weeping.
Almo´dad, measure of God.
Al´mon, hidden.
Al´mon-dib´lathaim, a hiding, a heap of fig trees.
Alpha, Al´-fah, the first letter of the Greek alphabet, marked A.
Alpheus, Al-fe´-us, a thousand, chief.
A´mad, a people of witness, people everlasting.
Am´alek, a people that licks up or uses ill.
Amal´ekites, people descended from Amalek.
A´mam, mother, fear of them, people.
Amana, Am-ay´-nah, integrity and truth.
Amariah, Am-a-ry´-ah, the Lord says, the excellency of the Lord.
Amasa, Am-ay´-sah, a forgiving people, the burden of the people.
Amaziah, Am-a-zy´-ah, the strength of the Lord.
A´mi. See Amam.
Am´mah, my people.
Ammi, the same as Ammah.
Ammihud, Am´-me-hud, people of praise.
Amminadab, Am-min´-na-dab, prince of the people, a people that vows.
Ammishaddai, Am-me-shad´-day-i, the people of the Almighty.
Am´mon, the son of my people.
Am´monites, a people descended from Benammi, son of Lot.
Am´non, faithful and true, foster father.
Amon, Ay´-mon, faithful, true.
Am´orite, bitter, a rebel, a babbler.
Amos, Ay´-mos, loading, weighty.
Amoz, Ay´-moz, strong, robust.
Amphipolis, Am-fip´-po-lis, a city encompassed by the sea.
Amplias, Am´-ple-as, large, extensive.
Am´ram, an exalted people, handfuls of corn.
Amraphel, Am´-ra-fel, one that speaks of hidden things or of ruin.
Am´zi, strong, mighty.
A´nab, a grape, a knot.
Anah, Ay´-nah, one who answers or sings, poor, afflicted.
Anak, Ay´-nak, a collar, an ornament.
Anakims, An´-ak-ims. See Anak.
Anammelech, An-am´-me-lek, answer, song of the king.
A´nan, a cloud, a prophecy.
Ananias, An-a-ny´-as, the cloud of the Lord.
Anathoth, An´-a-thoth, answer, affliction.
Andrew, An´drue, a stout and strong man.
Andronicus, An-dron´-ne-kus, a man excelling others.
Aner, Ay´-ner, answer, song, affliction.
An´na, gracious, merciful.
An´nas, one that answers, that afflicts.
An´tichrist, an adversary to Christ.
Antioch, An´-te-ok, instead of a chariot.
An´tipas, against all.
Antipatris, An-te-pay´-tris, against his own father.
986Apelles, A-pel´-lees, to exclude, to separate.
Aphek, Ay´-fek, a stream, vigour.
Apollonia, Ap-po-lo´-ne-ah, perdition.
Apol´los, one that destroys and lays waste.
Apollyon, A-pol´-le-on, one that exterminates or destroys.
Apphia, Af´-e-ah, that is fruitful.
Appii-forum, Ap´-pe-i-fo´-rum, a town so called from Appius Claudius, whose statue was erected there.
Aquila, Ak´-we-lah, an eagle.
Ar, awaking, uncovering.
Ara´bia, evening, a place wild and desert; mixtures, because this country was inhabited by different kinds of people.
Ara´bian, an inhabitant of Arabia.
A´rad, a wild ass, a dragon.
A´ram, magnificence, one that deceives.
Ararat, Ar´-ra-rat, the curse of trembling.
Araunah, A-raw´-nah, ark, song, curse.
Ar´ba, the city of the four.
Archelaus, Ar-ke´-lay-us, the prince of the people.
Archippus, Ar-kip´-pus, governor of horses.
Arcturus, Ark-tew´-rus, a gathering together.
Ard, one that commands.
Areli, Ar-e´-lie, the light or vision of God.
Areopagite, A-re-op´-a-gyte, belonging to the council called Areopagus.
Areopagus, A-re-op´-a-gus, the hill of Mars; a place where the magistrates of Athens held their supreme council; from ἀρεῖος, “of Mars,” and ϖάγος, “a hill.”
Aretas, A-re´-tas, one that is agreeable or virtuous.
Ar´gob, a turf of earth, curse of the well.
Ariel, Ay´-re-el, the altar, light, lion of God.
Arimathea, Ar-re-ma-the´-ah, a lion dead to the Lord. Ramath, or Ramah, a city where Samuel dwelt.
Arioch, Ar´-e-ok, long, your drunkenness, your lion.
Aristarchus, A-ris-tar´-kus, the best prince.
Aristobulus, A-ris-tob´-bu-lus, a good counsellor.
Armageddon, Ar-ma-ged´-don, the mountain of Megiddo, of the gospel, of fruits.
Armenia, Ar-me´-ne-ah, a province which is supposed to take its name from Aram.
Ar´non, rejoicing, their ark.
Ar´oer, heath, tamarisk, the nakedness of the skin or of the enemy.
Ar´pad, the light of redemption, that lies down.
Arphaxad, Ar-fak´s-ad, one that heals or releases.
Artaxerxes, Ar-taks-erk´s-es, in Hebrew, Artachsasta, the silence of light.
Artemas, Ar´-te-mas, whole, sound.
Asa, Ay´-sah, physician, cure.
Asahel, As´-a-el, the work or creature of God.
Asaiah, As´-a-i-ah, the Lord hath wrought.
Asaph, Ay´-saf, one that assembles together.
Asenath, As´-e-nath, peril, misfortune.
A´shan, vapour, smoke.
Ash´dod, inclination, a wild open place.
Ash´er, blessedness.
As´hiel, the work of God.
Ashima, Ash´-e-mah, crime, position, fire of the sea.
Ashkenaz, Ash´-ke-naz, a fire that distils or spreads.
Ashtaroth, Ash´-ta-roth, flocks, riches.
Ash´ur, one that is happy.
Ash´vath, making vestments.
Asia, Ay´-she-a, muddy, boggy.
As´kelon, weight, balance, fire of infamy.
Asnap´per, unhappiness, fruitless.
Assir, prisoner, fettered.
As´sos, approaching.
Assyria, As-sir´-re-a.
Assyrian, As-sir´-re-an.
Asyncritus, A-sin´-kre-tus, incomparable.
A´tad, a thorn.
Ata´roth, crowns, counsel of making full.
Athaliah, Ath-a-ly´-ah, the time of the Lord.
Athenians, Ath-ee´-ne-ans, inhabitants of Athens.
Ath´ens, so called from Athene, Minerva.
Attalia, At-ta-ly´-ah, that increases or sends.
A´ven, iniquity, force, riches.
Augus´tus, increased, majestic.
Azariah, Az-a-ry´-ah, assistance, he that hears the Lord.
Azekah, Az-ee´-kah, strength of walls.
Az´gad, a strong army, a gang of robbers.
Aznoth-tabor, Az´-noth-tay´-bor, the ears of Tabor, of choice, purity, contrition.
Azo´tus, the same as Ashdod.
A´zur, he that assists, that is assisted.

Baal, Bay´-al, he that rules and subdues.
Baalah, Bay´-al-ah, her idol, a spouse; the name of a city.
Baal-berith, Bay´-al-be´-rith, idol of the covenant.
Baal-gad, Bay´-al-gad´, the idol of the troop, the Lord is master of the troop.
Baal-hamon, Bay´-al-hay´-mon, one that rules a multitude, a populous place.
Baal-hazer, Bay´-al-hay´-zer, lord of court, possessor of grace.
Ba´al-Her´mon, the possessor of destruction, of a thing devoted to God.
Ba´ali, my idol, or master.
Ba´alim, idols, masters.
Ba´alis, a rejoicing, proud lord.
Baal-meon, Bay´-al-me´-on, the idol, the master of the house.
Baal-peor, Bay´-al-pe´-or, master of the opening.
Baal-perazim, Bay´-al-per´-a-zim, master, or god of divisions.
Baal-shalisha, Bay´-al-shal´-e-shah, the third idol, the third husband.
Baal-tamar, Bay´-al-tay´-mar, master of the palm tree.
Baal-zebub, Bay´-al-ze´-bub, the master of flies.
Baal-zephon, Bay´-al-ze´-fon, the idol of the north, secret.
Baanah, Bay´-a-nah, in the answer, in affliction.
Baa´rah, a flame, purging.
Baashah, Ba-ay´-shah, in the work, he that demands, who lays waste.
Ba´bel, confusion, mixture.
Babylon, Bab´-be-lon. See Babel.
Babylonians, Bab-be-lo´-ne-ans.
Babylonish, Bab-be-lo´-nish.
Baca, Bay´-kah, mulberry tree.
987Bahurim, Ba-hew´-rim, choice, warlike.
Ba´jith, a house.
Balaam, Bay´-lam, the old age or ancient of the people, without the people.
Bala´dan, one without rule or judgment, ancient in judgment.
Ba´lak, who lays waste, who laps.
Ba´mah, an eminence.
Barabbas, Bar-ab´-bas, son of the father or of confusion.
Barachel, Bar´-a-kel, who blesses God.
Barachias, Bar´-a-ky-as, the same as Barachel.
Ba´rak, thunder, in vain.
Bar-je´sus, son of Jesus.
Bar-jo´na, son of Jona or of a dove.
Bar´nabas, the son of the prophet or of consolation.
Bar´sabas, son of return, of rest, of swearing.
Barthol´omew, a son that suspends the waters.
Bartimeus, Bar-te-me´-us, the son of Timeus or of the honourable.
Baruch, Bay´-ruk, who is blessed, who bends the knee.
Barzillai, Bar-zil´-la-i, made of iron, son of contempt.
Ba´shan, in the tooth, in the change or sleep.
Bashemath, Bash´-e-math, perfumed, in desolation.
Bath-sheba, Bath-she´-bah or Bath´-she-bah, the seventh daughter, the daughter of an oath.
Bathshu´a, the daughter of salvation.
Be´dad, alone, in friendship.
Be´dan, only, in the judgment.
Beel-zebub, Be-el´-ze-bub. See Baal-zebub.
Beer, Be´-er, a well, the name of a city.
Beer-lahai-roi, Be´-er-la-hay´-e-roy, the well of him that liveth and seeth me.
Beer-sheba, Be´-er-she´-bah, the well of an oath, of satiety, the seventh well.
Be´kah, half a shekel.
Bel, ancient, nothing, subject to change.
Belial, Bee´-le-al, wicked, the devil.
Belshaz´zar, master of the treasure.
Belteshaz´zar, who lays up treasures in secret, secretly endures pain and pressure.
Benaiah, Ben-ay´-yah, son of the Lord, the Lord’s building.
Ben-am´mi, the son of my people.
Benha´dad, the son of Hadad, of noise.
Ben´jamin, the son of the right hand.
Ben´jamite, a descendant of Benjamin.
Benoni, Ben-o´-ny, son of my grief.
Be´or, burning, mad, beast.
Berachah, Ber´-a-kah, blessing.
Beræa, Be-ree´-ah, heavy, from βάρος.
Be´rith, covenant.
Bernice, Ber-ny´-se, one that brings victory.
Be´sor, glad news, incarnation.
Be´tah, confidence.
Bethabara, Beth-ab´-ba-rah, the house of passage, of anger.
Beth´any, the house of song, of affliction, of obedience, the grace of the Lord.
Beth-a´ven, the house of vanity, of strength.
Beth-birei, Beth-bir´-re-i, the house of my Creator.
Beth´-car, the house of the lamb, of knowledge.
Beth-da´gon, the house of corn, of the fish, of the god Dagon.
Beth-diblathaim, Beth-dib-la-thay´-im, the house of dry figs.
Beth´el, the house of God.
Bethelite, Beth´-el-ite, an inhabitant of Bethel.
Be´ther, division, in the turtle, in the trial.
Bethes´da, the house of effusion, of pity.
Beth-e´zel, a neighbour’s house.
Beth-gamul, Beth-gay´-mul, the house of recompense, of the weaned, of the camel.
Beth-haccerem, Beth-hak´-ke-rem, the house of the vineyard.
Beth-ho´ron, the house of wrath, of the hole, of liberty.
Bethjesh´imoth, the house of desolation.
Beth´-lehem, the house of bread, of war.
Beth-lehem-ephratah, Beth´-le-hem-eff-ray´-tah or eff´-ra-tah.
Beth´-lehemite, an inhabitant of Bethlehem.
Beth-pe´or, the house of gaping.
Bethphage, Beth´-fa-je, the house of the mouth, of early figs.
Bethsaida, Beth-say´-dah, the house of fruits, of hunters.
Beth´-shan, the house of the tooth, of change, of sleep.
Beth-she´mesh, the house of the sun.
Bethuel, Beth-ew´-el, filiation of God.
Beulah, Bew´-lah, married.
Bezaleel, Bez-a-lee´-el, in the shadow of God.
Be´zek, lightning, in chains.
Bichri, Bick´-ry, first-born, in the ram.
Bid´kar, in compunction, in sharp pain.
Big´than, giving meat.
Bil´dad, old friendship.
Bil´hah, who is old, troubled, confused.
Bir´sha, in evil, son that beholds.
Bithiah, Be-thy´-ah, daughter of the Lord.
Bith´ron, division, in his examination, daughter of the song, of anger, of liberty.
Bithynia, Be-thin´-e-ah, violent precipitation.
Blas´tus, one that sprouts and brings forth.
Boanerges, Bo-a-ner´-jes, the sons of thunder; James and John, the sons of Zebedee.
Bo´az, or Bo´oz, in strength, in the goat.
Bochim, Bo´-kim, the place of weeping, of mulberry trees.
Bo´zez, mud, in the flower.
Boz´rah, in tribulation or distress.
Bul, changeable, perishing.
Buz, despised, plundered.
Buzi, Bew´-zye, my contempt.
Buzite, Bew´-zyte, a descendant from Buz.

Cabul, Kay´-bul, displeasing, dirt.
Cæsar, See´-sar, one cut out.
Cæsarea, Ses-a-ree´-a, a bush of hair.
Caiaphas, Kay´-a-fas, a searcher.
Cain, Kay´n, possession.
Cainan, Kay´-nan, possessor, one that laments.
Ca´lah, good opportunity, as the verdure.
Ca´leb, a dog, a crow, a basket.
Caleb-ephratah, Kay´-leb-ef-ray´-tah or ef´-ra-tah, a place so called by a conjunction of the names of Caleb and his wife Ephratah.
Calneh, Kal´-nay, our consummation, all we, as murmuring.
Cal´no, our consummation, quite himself.
Cal´vary, the place of a skull.
Ca´mon, his resurrection.
Ca´na, zeal, possession, nest, cane.
Canaan, Kay´-nan, a merchant, a trader. The son of Ham, who gave name to the land of Canaan.
Canaanite, Kay´-nan-ite, an inhabitant of Canaan.
Candace, Kan-day´-se, who possesses contrition.
Capernaum, Ka-per´-na-um, the field of repentance, city of comfort.
Caphtor, Kaf´-tor, a sphere, a buckle, a hand, doves, those that seek and inquire.
Cappadocia, Kap-pa-do´-she-a, in Hebrew, Caphtor.
Carcas, Kar´-kas, the covering of a lamb.
Carchemish, Kar´-ke-mish, a lamb, as taken away.
Car´mel, a circumcised lamb, harvest, vineyard of God.
Carmelite, Kar´-me-lyte, an inhabitant of Mount Carmel.
Car´mi, my vineyard, the knowledge or the lamb of the waters.
Car´pus, fruit, fruitful.
Casiphia, Ka-se-fy´-a, money, covetousness.
Cas´tor, a beaver.
Cedron, See´-dron or Kee´-dron, black, sad.
Cenchrea, Senk´-re-a, millet, small pulse.
Cephas, See´-fas or Kee´-fas, a rock or stone.
Ce´sar. See Cæsar.
Cesarea, Ses-a-ree´-a. See Cæsarea.
Chalcol, Kal´-kol, who nourishes, sustains the whole.
Chaldea, Kal-dee´-a, as demons, as robbers.
Chaldean, Kal-dee´-an, an inhabitant of Chaldea.
Chaldees, Kal-deez´, the same as Chaldeans.
Charran, Kar´-ran, a singing, the heat of wrath.
Chebar, Ke´-bar, strength or power.
Chedorlaomer, Ke´-dor-la-o´-mer, as a generation of servitude.
Chemarims, Kem´-a-rims, the name of Baal’s priests.
Chemosh, Ke´-mosh, as handling, as taking away.
Chenania, Ke-na-ny´-ah, preparation, rectitude of the Lord.
Cherethims, Ker´-eth-ims, who cuts, tears away.
Cherethites, Ker´-eth-ites. See Cherethims.
Cherith, Ke´-rith, cutting, piercing, slaying.
Chesed, Ke´-sed, as a devil, a destroyer.
Chileab, Kil´-le-ab, totality or perfection of the father.
Chilion, Kil´-le-on, finished, complete.
Chilmad, Kil´-mad, as teaching or learning.
Chimham, Kim´-ham, as they, like to them.
Chios, Ky´-os, open, opening.
Chisleu, Kis´-lu, rashness, confidence.
Chittim, Chit´-tim, those that bruise, gold, staining.
Chiun, Ky´-un, an Egyptian god, whom some think to be Saturn.
Chloe, Klo´-e, green herb.
Chorazin, Ko-ray´-zin, the secret, here is a mystery.
Chushan-rishathaim, Kew´-shan-rish-a-thay´-im, Ethiopian, blackness of iniquities.
Chuza, Kew´-zah, the prophet, Ethiopian.
Cilicia, Sil-ish´-e-a, which rolls or overturns.
Clauda, Klaw´-dah, a broken voice, a lamentable voice.
Claudia, Klaw´-de-ah, lame.
Cle´ment, mild, good, merciful.
Cleophas, Klee´-o-fas, the whole glory.
Colosse, Ko-los´-see, punishment, correction.
Coniah, Ko-ny´-ah, the strength or stability of the Lord.
Co´rinth, which is satisfied, beauty.
Corin´thians, inhabitants of Corinth.
Corne´lius, a horn.
Coz´bi, a liar, as sliding away.
Crescens, Kres´-sens, growing, increasing.
Crete, Kree´t, carnal, fleshly.
Cretes, Kree´ts, inhabitants of Crete.
Cretians, Kree´-she-ans, the same as Cretes.
Crispus, Kris´-pus, curled.
Cush, Ethiopian, black.
Cush´an, Ethiopia, blackness, heat.
Cush´i, the same as Cushan.
Cyprus, Sy´-prus, fair, fairness.
Cyrene, Sy-re´-ne, a wall, coldness, meeting, a floor.
Cyreneans, Sy-re´-ne-ans, people of Cyrene.
Cyrenius, Sy-re´-ne-us, who governs.
Cyrus, Sy´-rus, as miserable, as heir, the belly.

Dabbasheth, Dab´-ba-sheth, flowing with honey, causing infamy.
Daberath, Dab´-be-rath, word, thing, bee, submissive.
Da´gon, corn, a fish.
Dalmanutha, Dal-ma-new´-thah, a bucket, leanness, branch.
Dalmatia, Dal-may´-she-a, deceitful lamps, vain brightness.
Damaris, Dam´-a-ris, a little woman.
Damas´cus, a sack full of blood, similitude of burning.
Dan, judgment, he that judges.
Dan´iel, judgment of God.
Da´ra, generation, house of the shepherd, companion, race of wickedness.
Darius, Da-ry´-us, he that inquires and informs himself.
Da´than, laws, rites.
Da´vid, beloved, dear.
Deb´orah, a word, a bee.
Decapolis, De-kap´-po-lis, a Greek word compounded of δέκα, ten, and ϖόλις, a city, because this country contained ten cities.
De´dan, their breasts, friendship, uncle.
Dedanim, Ded´-an-im, descendants of Dedan.
Del´ilah, poor, head of hair, bucket.
De´mas, popular.
Demetrius, De-me´-tre-us, belonging to Ceres, to corn.
Der´be, a sting.
Deuel, De-ew´-el, the knowledge of God.
Diana, Dy-ay´-nah, luminous, perfect.
Di´bon, understanding, abundance of building.
Di´bon-gad, abundance of sons, happy and powerful.
Didymus, Did´-e-mus, a twin.
Di´mon, where it is red.
Di´nah, judgment, who judges.
Din´habah, she gives judgment.
Dionysius, Dy-o-nish´-e-us, divinely touched; from δῖος, divine, and νεύω, I move.
989Diotrephes, Di-ot´-re-feez, nourished by Jupiter; from δῖος, of Jupiter, and τρὲφος, a foster-child.
Do´eg, who acts with uneasiness, a fisherman.
Dor, generation, habitation.
Dor´cas, the female of a roe-buck.
Do´than, the law, custom.
Drusilla, Drew-sil´-lah, watered by the dew; from δρόσος, the dew.
Dumah, Dew´-mah, silence, resemblance.
Dura, Dew´-rah, generation, habitation.

Easter, Ee´s-ter, the passover, a feast of the Jews.
E´bal, a heap, collection of old age.
E´bed, a servant or labourer.
Ebed-melech, Ee´-bed-me´-lek, the king’s servant.
Eben-ezer, Eb-en-ee´-zer, the stone of help.
E´ber, one that passes, anger, wrath.
Ebiasaph, E-by´-a-saf, a father that gathers together.
Ed, witness.
E´den, pleasure, delight.
E´dom, red, earthy, red earth.
E´domite, a descendant of Esau, of Edom.
Edrei, Ed´-re-i, a very great mass, cloud, death of the wicked.
Eg´lah, heifer, chariot, round.
Eglaim, Eg-lay´-im, drops of the sea.
Eg´lon, the same as Eglah.
E´gypt, in Hebrew, Mizraim; that binds or straitens, that troubles or oppresses.
Egyp´tian, an inhabitant of Egypt.
E´hud, he that praises.
Ek´ron, barrenness, torn away.
Ek´ronites, inhabitants of Ekron.
E´lah, an oak, oath, imprecation.
E´lam, a young man, a virgin, secret, an age.
E´lamites, descendants of Elam.
E´lath, a hind, strength, an oak.
El-beth´el, the God of Bethel.
El´dad, loved or favoured of God.
Elealeh, El-e-ay´-leh ascension or burnt-offering of God.
Eleazar, El-e-ay´-zar, the help or court of God.
El-elohe-israel, El-el-ho´-he-is´-ra-el, God, the God of Israel.
Elha´nan, grace, gift, or mercy of God.
E´li, E´li, my God, my God.
E´li, the offering or lifting up.
Eli´ab, God my father.
Eliada, E-ly´-a-da or E-le-ay´-da, the knowledge of God.
Eliakim, E-ly´-a-kim, the resurrection of God, God the avenger.
Eli´am, the people of God.
Eli´as. See Elijah.
Eliashib, E-ly´-a-shib, the God of conversion.
Eliathah, E-ly´-a-thah, thou art my God, my God comes.
Eliezer, E-le-ee´-zer, help or court of my God.
Elihoreph, E-le-ho´-ref, the God of winter, of youth.
Eli´hu, he is my God himself.
Eli´jah, God the Lord, the strong Lord.
Eli´ka, pelican of God.
E´lim, the rams, the strong, the stags, the valleys.
Elimelech, E-lim´-me-lek, my God is king.
Elioenai, El-e-o´-en-a-i, toward him are my eyes, my fountains, toward him is my poverty or misery.
Eliphalet, E-lif´-fa-let, the God of deliverance.
Eliphaz, E-ly´-faz, the endeavour of God.
Elisabeth, E-liz´-a-beth, God hath sworn, the fulness of God.
Eli´sha, salvation of God.
Eli´shah, son of Javan; it is God, God that gives help.
Elishamah, E-lish´-a-mah, God hearing.
Elisheba, E-lish´-e-ba. See Elisabeth.
Elishua, El-e-shew´-ah, God is my salvation.
Eliud, E-ly´-ud, God is my praise.
Eli´zur, God is my strength, my rock.
Elka´nah, God the jealous, the reed of God.
Elmo´dam, the God of measure, of the garment.
Elna´than, God has given.
E´lon, oak, grove, strong.
E´lul, cry, outcry.
Eluzai, E-lu´-za-i, God is my strength.
Elymas, El´-e-mas, in Arabic, a magician.
E´mims, fears of terrors, people.
Emmaus, Em-may´-us or Em´-ma-us, people despised.
Em´mor, an ass.
E´nam, a fountain or well, the eyes of them.
En´dor, fountain or eye of generation.
Ene´as, laudable; from ἀινέω, “I praise.”
En-eglaim, En-eg-lay´-im, the eye of the calves, of the chariots, of roundness.
En-gedi, En-ge´-dy, fountain of the goat, of happiness.
En-mish´pat, fountain of judgment.
Enoch, Ee´-nok, dedicated, disciplined, well regulated.
Enon, Ee´-non, cloud, his fountain.
Enos, Ee´-nos, fallen man, subject to all kind of evil.
Ex-rogel, En-ro´-gel, the fuller’s fountain.
En-shemesh, En-she´-mesh, fountain of the sun.
Epaphras, Ep´-pa-fras, covered with foam.
Epaphroditus, E-paf-ro-dy´-tus, agreeable, handsome.
Epenetus, E-pe-nee´-tus, laudable, worthy of praise.
Ephah, Ee´-fah, weary, to fly as a bird.
Ephes-dammim, E´-fez-dam´-mim, the effusion or drop of blood.
Ephesians, E-fee´-se-ans, the people of Ephesus.
Ephesus, Ef´-fe-sus, desirable; chief city of Asia Minor.
Ephphatha, Ef´-fa-tha, be opened.
Ephraim, Ee´-fra-im, that brings forth fruit or grows.
E´phraimite, a descendant of Ephraim.
Ephratah, Eff-ray´-tah, abundance, bearing fruit.
Ephrath, Eff´-rath, See Ephratah.
Ephrathite, Eff´-rath-ite, an inhabitant of Ephratah, or a descendant from Ephraim.
Ephron, Ef´-ron, dust.
Epicureans, Ep-e-kew-re´-ans, who gives assistance; from the Greek ἐπικȣρέω, I help.
Er, watch, enemy.
Eras´tus, lovely, amiable.
E´rech, length, health.
Esaias, E-zay´-e-as. See Isaia.
Esar-haddon, E´-sar-had-´don, that binds, joy, or closes the point.
E´sau, he that does or finishes.
E´sek, contention.
Esh-ba´al, the fire of the idol.
Esh´col, a bunch of grapes.
Eshtaol, Esh´-ta-ol, stout, strong woman.
Eshtemoa, Esh-te-mo´-a, which is heard, the bosom of a woman.
Es´li, near me, he that separates.
Es´rom, the dart of joy, division of the song.
Esther, Ess´-ter, secret, hidden.
E´tam, their bird or covering.
E´tham, their strength or sign.
E´than, strong, the gift of the island.
Ethanim, Eth´-an-im, strong, valiant.
Ethbaal, Eth-bay´-al, toward the idol, he that rules.
Ethiopia, Ee-the-o´-pe-a, in Hebrew, Cush, blackness; in Greek it signifies heat, from ἄιθω, I burn, and ὄψις, face.
Ethiopians, Ee-the-o´-pe-ans, Africans.
Eubulus, Yew´-bu-lus, a prudent counsellor.
Eunice, Yew-ny´-se, good victory.
Euodias, Yew-o´-de-as, sweet scent.
Euphrates, Yew-fray´-tes, that makes fruitful.
Euroc´lydon, the north-east wind.
Eutychus, Yew´-te-kus, happy, fortunate.
Eve, living, enlivening.
Evil-merodach, Ee´-vil-me-ro´-dak, or mer´-o-dak, the fool of Merodach, despising the bitterness of the fool.
Ezekiel, E-zee´-ke-el, the strength of God.
E´zel, going abroad, distillation.
Ezion-Geber, E´-ze-on-ge´-ber, the wood of the man, counsel of the man, of the strong.
Ez´ra, a helper.

Fe´lix, happy, prosperous.
Fes´tus, festival, joyful.
Fortuna´tus, happy, prosperous.

Gaal, Gay´al, contempt, abomination.
Gaash, Gay´-ash, tempest, overthrow.
Gabbatha, Gab´-ba-tha, high, elevated. In Greek, lithostrotos, paved with stones.
Ga´briel, God is my strength.
Gad, a band, happy, armed and prepared.
Gadarenes, Gad-a-ree´ns, surrounded, walled.
Gad´di, my happiness, my troop, a kid.
Gaddiel, Gad´-de-el, goat of God, the Lord is my army.
Gadites, Gad´-dites, descendants of Gad.
Gaius, Gay´-e-us, lord, an earthly man.
Galatia, Gal-ay´-she-a, white, of the colour of milk.
Galatians, Gal-ay´-she-ans, born in Galatia.
Galbanum, Gal´-ba-num, a gum, sweet spice.
Galeed, Gal´-e-ed, the heap of witness.
Galilee, Gal´-le-lee, wheel, revolution, heap.
Galileans, Gal-le-lee´-ans, inhabitants of Galilee.
Gal´lim, who heap up, cover, roll.
Gal´lio, he that sucks or lives upon milk.
Gama´liel, recompense, camel, weaned of God.
Gam´madims, soldiers placed in the towers of Tyrus; men who came from Gammade, a town of Phenicia.
Ga´tam, their lowing, their touch.
Gath, a press.
Gath-rim´mon, the press of the granite, exalted press.
Ga´za, strong, a goat.
Ge´ba, a hill, a cup.
Ge´bal, bound, limit.
Ge´bim, grasshoppers, height.
Gedaliah, Ged-a-ly´-ah, God is my greatness, fringe of the Lord.
Gehazi, Ge-hay´-zye, valley of sight, of the breast.
Gemari´ah, accomplishment of the Lord.
Gennesaret, Gen-ness´-a-ret, or Jen-ness´-a-ret, the garden or protection of the prince.
Genubath, Gen´-u-bath, theft, garden or protection of the daughter.
Ge´ra, pilgrimage, dispute.
Ge´rah, the twentieth part of a shekel.
Ge´rar. See Gera.
Gergesenes, Ger´-ge-seens, those who come from pilgrimage or from fight.
Gerizim, Ger´-re-zim, cutters.
Ger´shom, a stranger there, a traveller of reputation.
Ger´shon, his banishment, the change of pilgrimage.
Ge´shur, the sight of the valley, the vale of the ox or the wall.
Geshurites, Gesh´-u-rytes, inhabitants of Geshur.
Ge´ther, the vale of trial, of searching, the press of inquiry.
Gethsemane, Geth-sem´-a-ne, a very fat valley.
Giah, Gy´-ah, to guide, draw out, a sigh.
Gibeah, Gib´-e-ah, a hill.
Gib´eon, hill, cup, that which is without.
Gib´eonites, people of Gibeon.
Gid´eon, he that bruises, cutting off iniquity.
Gihon, Gy´-hon, valley of grace, impetuous.
Gilboah, Gil´-bo-ah, revolution of inquiry.
Gilead, Gil´-le-ad, the mass of testimony.
Gileadites, Gil´-le-ad-ites, the inhabitants of Gilead.
Gil´gal, wheel, revolution, heap.
Giloh, Gy´-loh, he that rejoices, overturns, or discovers.
Gilonite, Gy´-lo-nite.
Girgashite, Gir´-ga-shite, who arrives from pilgrimage.
Gittite, Git´-tite, a wine press.
Gob, cistern, grasshopper, eminence.
Gog, roof, covering.
Go´lan, passage, revolution.
Gol´gotha, a heap of skulls.
Goli´ath, revolution, discovery, heap.
Go´mer, to finish, accomplish, a consumer.
Gomor´rah, a rebellious people.
Go´shen, approaching, drawing near.
Go´zan, fleece, pasture, nourishing the body.
Grecia, Gree´-she-a, Greece, the country of the Greeks.
Grecians, Gree´-she-ans, Greeks, the inhabitants of Greece.
Gur, the young of a beast, dwelling, fear.
Gurba´al, the whelp of the governor.

Habakkuk, Hab´-a-kuk, he that embraces, a wrestler.
Hachaliah, Hak-a-ly´-ah, who waits for the Lord.
Hachilah, Hak´-e-lah, my trust is in her.
Ha´dad, joy, noise.
Hadadezer, Hay´-dad-ee´-zer, the beauty of assistance.
Hadad-rimmon, Hay´-dad-rim´-mon, the voice of height, the invocation of Rimmon, a god of the Syrians.
Hadas´sah, a myrtle, joy.
Hado´ram, their beauty, power, praise.
Hadrach, Hay´-drak, point, joy of tenderness, your chamber.
Ha´gar, a stranger, that fears.
Hagarenes, Hay´-gar-eens, of the family of Hagar.
Hagarites, Hay´-gar-ites. See Hagarenes.
Haggai, Hag´-ga-i, feast, solemnity.
Hag´gith, rejoicing.
Hak´katan, little.
Halleluiah, Hal-le-lu´-yah, praise the Lord.
Ham, hot, brown.
Ha´man, noise, tumult, he that prepares.
Ha´math, anger, heat, a wall.
Hammedatha, Ham-med´-a-thah, or Ham-me-day´-thah, he that troubles the law.
Ha´mon-gog, the multitude of Gog.
Ha´mor, an ass, clay, wine.
Ha´mul, godly, merciful.
Hamu´tal, the shadow of his heat, the heat of the dew.
Hanameel, Han-am´-e-el, or Han-am-ee´-el, grace or pity from God.
Hananeel, Han-an-ee´-el, mercy of God.
Hanani, Han-ay´-ny, my grace or mercy.
Hanani´ah, grace or mercy of the Lord.
Han´nah, gracious, merciful, taking rest.
Ha´noch, dedicated.
Ha´nun, gracious, merciful, he that rests.
Ha´ran, mountainous country, which is enclosed.
Harbo´nah, his destruction or dryness.
Ha´rod, astonishment, fear.
Harosheth, Har-o´-sheth, agriculture, silence, vessel of earth, forest.
Hashmo´nah, diligence, enumeration, embassy, present.
Ha´tach, he that strikes.
Havilah, Hav´-e-lah, that suffers pain, brings forth, declares to her.
Havoth-jair, Hay´-voth-jay´-ir, villages that enlighten.
Hazael, Haz´-a-el, that sees God.
Hazarmaveth, Hay´-zar-may´-veth, court or dwelling of death.
Hazelelponi, Hay´-zel-el-po´-ny, shade, sorrow of the face.
Hazeroth, Haz-ee´-roth, villages, court.
Ha´zor, court, hay.
He´ber, one that passes, anger.
He´brews, descended from Heber.
He´bron, society, friendship, enchantment.
Hegai, or Hege, Heg´-a-i, meditation, word, separation.
He´lam, their army, trouble, or expectation.
Hel´bon, milk, fatness.
Heldai, Hel´-da-i, or Hel-day´-i, the world.
He´li, ascending, climbing up.
Hel´kath-haz´urim, the field of strong men, of rocks.
He´man, their trouble, their tumult, much.
Hen, grace, quiet.
Hepher, Hee´-fer, a digger or delver.
Hephzi-bah, Hef´-ze-bah, my pleasure.
Her´mes, Mercury, gain, refuge.
Hermogenes, Her-moj´-e-nes, begotten of Mercury, of lucre.
Her´mon, anathema, destruction.
Her´monites, the inhabitants of Hermon.
Herod, Her´-rod, the glory of the skin.
Herodians, He-ro´-de-ans.
Hero´dias, the wife of Herod.
Herodion, He-ro´-de-on, song of Juno.
Hesh´bon, invention, industry, thought, he that hastens to understand.
Heth, trembling, fear.
Heth´lon, fearful dwelling, his covering.
Hezeki´ah, strong in the Lord.
Hez´ron, the dart of joy, division of the song.
Hiddai, Hid´-da-i, praise, cry.
Hiddekel, Hid´-de-kel, a sharp voice.
Hi´el, the life of God.
Hierapolis, Hy-er-ap´-po-lis, holy city.
Higgaion, Hig-gay´-e-on, meditation.
Hilki´ah, God is my portion, the Lord’s gentleness.
Hil´lel, praising folly, Lucifer.
Hin´nom, there they are, their riches.
Hi´ram, exaltation of life, their whiteness, he that destroys.
Hit´tites, who are broken or fear.
Hi´vites, wicked, bad, wickedness.
Ho´bab, favoured and beloved.
Ho´bah, love, friendship, secrecy.
Hog´lah, his festival, his dance.
Hophni, Hoff´-ni, he that covers, my fist.
Hor, who conceives, shows.
Ho´reb, desert, destruction, dryness.
Hor-hagidgad, Hor-ha-gidd´-gad, hill of felicity.
Hor´mah, devoted to God, destruction.
Horonaim, Hor-o-nay´-im, anger, raging.
Horonite, Hor´-o-nyte, anger, fury, liberty.
Hosea, and Hoshea, Ho-zee´-a, and Ho-shee´-a, Saviour.
Hul, infirmity, bringing forth children.
Hul´dah, the world, a prophetess.
Hur, liberty, whiteness, cavern.
Hushai, Hew´-sha-i, their haste, sensuality, or silence.
Huz´zab, molten.
Hymeneus, Hy-men-ee´-us, nuptial, marriage.

Ib´har, election, he that is chosen.
Ichabod, Ik´-a-bod, where is the glory?
Iconium, I-ko´-ne-um, from ἵκω, “I come.”
Id´do, his hand, power, praise, witness.
Idumea, Id-ew-mee´-a, red, earthy.
Igdali´a, the greatness of the Lord.
I´jon, look, eye, fountain.
Illyricum, Il-lir´-re-kum, joy, rejoicing.
Im´lah, plenitude, repletion, circumcision.
Imman´uel, a name given to our Lord Jesus Christ, signifying, God with us.
Im´rah, a rebel, changing.
India, In´-de-a, praise, law.
Iphedeiah, If-fe-dy´-ah, or If-fe-dee´-ah, the redemption of the Lord.
I´ra, city, watch, spoil, heap of vision.
I´rad, wild ass, heap of descents, of empire.
Irijah, I-ry´-jah, the fear, vision, or protection of the Lord.
Isaac, I´-zak, laughter.
Isaiah, I-zay´-yah, or I-zay´-e-ah, the salvation of the Lord.
Iscah, Is´-kah, he that anoints, or covers.
Iscariot, Is-kar´-re-ot, is thought to signify a native of the town of Iscarioth.
Ish´bak, empty, forsaken, abandoned.
Ishbi-benob, Ish´-by-bee´-nob, he that sits in the prophecy, conversion.
Ish-bosheth, Ish´-bo-sheth, a man of shame.
Ishmael, Ish´-ma-el, God who hears.
Ishmaelites, Ish´-ma-el-ites, the posterity of Ishmael.
Israel, Is´-ra-el, a prince with God, prevailing with God, that wrestleth with God.
Israelites, Is´-ra-el-ites, the posterity of Israel, or Jacob.
Issachar, Is´-sa-kar, price, reward.
Italian, I-tal´-e-an, belonging to Italy.
Italy, It´-ta-le, a Latin word that has its original from vitulus, or vitula, “a calf,” or from a king called Italus.
Ith´amar, island of the palm tree, wo to the palm or change.
Ithiel, Ith´-e-el, God with me, sign.
Ithream, Ith´-re-am, excellence of the people.
Iturea, It-u-ree´-a, which is guarded, a country of mountains.
I´vah, iniquity.

Kabzeel, Kab´-ze-el, the congregation of God.
Ka´desh, holiness.
Kadesh-barnea, Kay´-desh-bar´-ne-a or bar-nee´-ah, holiness of an inconstant son, of the corn, of purity.
Kad´miel, God of rising.
Ke´dar, blackness, sorrow.
Kedemah, Ked´-de-mah, oriental.
Kedemoth, Ked´-de-moth, old age, orientals.
Keilah, Ky´-lah, she that divides or cuts.
Kemuel, Kem´-u-el, God is risen.
Ke´naz, this nest, lamentation, possession.
Ke´nites, possession, lamentation, nest.
Keren-happuch, Kee´-ren-hap´-puk, the horn or child of beauty.
Kerioth, Ker´-re-oth, the cities, the callings.
Keturah, Ke-tew´-rah, he that burns or makes the incense to fume, odoriferous.
Keziah, Ke-zy´-ah, superficies, angle, cassia.
Ke´ziz, end, extremity.
Kibroth-hattaavah, Kib´-roth-hat-tay´-a-vah, the graves of lust.
Kid´ron, obscurity, obscure.
Kir, a city, a wall, a meeting.
Kir-haraseth, Kir-har´-ra-seth, the city of the sun.
Kiriathaim, Kir´-e-ath-ay´-im, the two cities, the callings.
Kir´-jath, city, vocation, lesson, meeting.
Kir´-jath-ar´ba, the city of four.
Kir´jath-a´rim, city of cities, the city of those that watch.
Kir´jath-ba´al, the city of Baal, of those that command, of those that possess.
Kirjath-jearim, Kir´-jath-je´-a-rim, the city of woods.
Kir´jath-san´nah, the city of the bush, of enmity.
Kirjath-sepher, Kir´-jath-see´-fer, the city of letters, of the book.
Kish, hard, difficult, straw.
Kis´ron, making sweet, perfuming.
Kit´tim, they that bruise, gold, colouring.
Ko´hath, congregation, obedience, to make blunt.
Kohathites, Ko´-hath-ites, the posterity of Kohath.
Ko´rah, bald, frozen.


La´ban, white, shining, gentle.
Lachish, Lay´-kish, she walks, who exists of himself.
La´el, to God, to the Almighty.
Lah´mi, my bread, my war.
La´ish, a lion.
La´mech, poor, made low, who is struck.
Laodicea, Lay-o-de-see´-a, just people.
Laodiceans, Lay-o-de-see´-ans, inhabitants of Laodicea.
Lapedoth, Lap´-pe-doth, enlightened, lamps.
Lazarus, Laz´-za-rus, the help of God.
Le´ah, weary, tired.
Leb´anon, white, incense.
Lebbeus, Leb-bee´-us, a man of heart.
Lehabim, Le´-ha-bim or Le-hay´-bim, flames, the points of a sword.
Le´hi, jaw bone.
Lem´uel, God with them.
Le´vi, who is held and associated.
Le´vites, the posterity of Levi.
Lib´nah, Lib´ni, white, whiteness.
Libya, Lib´-e-a, in Hebrew, Lubim, the heart of the sea.
Libyans, Lib´-e-ans, the people of Libya.
Li´nus, nets.
Lo-am´mi, not my people.
Lo´is, better.
Lo-ruhamah, Lo-ru-hay´-mah, not having obtained mercy, not pitied.
Lot, wrapt up, myrrh, rosin.
Lu´cas, luminous.
Lu´cifer, Lu´-se-fer, bringing light.
Lucius, Lu´-she-us. See Lucas.
Lud, maturity, generation.
Luke. See Lucas.
Luz, separation, departure.
Lycaonia, Ly-ka-o´-ne-a, she-wolf.
Lyd´da, the name of a city.
Lysa´nias, that drives away sorrow.
Lys´tra, that dissolves or disperses.



Maachah, May´-a-kah, to squeeze.
Maaseiah, Ma-a-sy´-ah, the work of the Lord.
Macedonia, Mas-se-do´-ne-a, adoration, prostration.
Machir, May´-kir, he that sells or knows.
Machpelah, Mak-pee´-lah, double.
Magdala, Mag´-da-lah, tower, greatness.
Magdalene, Mag´-da-le´-ne, tower, grand, elevated.
Ma´gog, roof, that dissolves.
Magor-missabib, May´-gor-mis´-sa-bib, fear, round about.
Mahalaleel, Ma-ha-la-lee´-el, he that praises God.
Mahalath, Ma-hay´-lath, melodious song, infirmity.
Mahanaim, Ma-ha-nay´-im, the two fields or armies.
Maher-shalal-hash-baz, May´-er-shal´-al-hash´-baz, making speed to the spoil.
Mah´lah, the same as Mahalath.
Mah´lon, song, infirmity.
Makkedah, Mak´-ke-dah, adoration, prostration.
Malcham, Mal´-kam, their king.
Malchi-shua, Mal´-ke-shew´-ah, my king is a saviour.
Malchus, Mal´-kus, king or kingdom.
Mam´mon, riches.
Mam´re, rebellious, bitter, that changes.
Manaen, Man´-a-en, or Ma-nay´-en, a comforter, he that conducts them.
Manas´seh, forgetfulness, he that is forgotten.
Maneh, May´-neh, a species of money.
Manoah, Ma-no´-ah, rest, a present.
Ma´on, house, crime.
Ma´ra, bitterness.
Ma´rah, the same as Mara.
Mar´cus, polite, shining.
Mark, the same as Marcus.
Mars-hill´, the place where the judges of Athens held their supreme council.
Mar´tha, who becomes bitter.
Ma´ry, exalted, bitterness of the sea, mistress of the sea.
Masrekah, Mas´-re-kah, whistling, hissing.
Mas´sah, temptation.
Ma´tri, rain, prison.
Mat´tan, the reins, the death of them.
Mattathias, Mat-ta-thy´-as, the gift of the Lord.
Mat´that, gift, he that gives.
Matth´ew, given, a reward.
Matthias, Ma-thy´-as. See Mattathias.
Maz´zaroth, the twelve signs.
Me´dad, he that measures, the water of love.
Me´dan, judgment, process, measure, covering.
Medes, Mee´ds, people of Media.
Media, Mee´-de-a, measure, covering, abundance.
Megiddo, Me-gid´-do, that declares, his precious fruit.
Megiddon, Me-gid´-don, the same as Megiddo.
Mehetabel, Me-het´-ta-ble, how good is God!
Mehujael, Me-hu-jay´-el, who proclaims God, God that blots out.
Melchi, Mel´-ky, my king, my counsel.
Melchizedek, Mel-kiz´-ze-dek, king of righteousness.
Melita, Me-ly´-ta or Me-lee´-ta, affording honey.
Memphis, Mem´-fis, by the mouth.
Memucan, Me-mew´-kan, impoverished, to prepare, certain, true.
Menahem, Men´-na-hem, comforter, who conducts them.
Mene, Mee´ne, who reckons, who is counted.
Mephibosheth, Me-fib´-bo-sheth, out of my mouth proceeds reproach.
Me´rab, he that fights, he that multiplies.
Merari, Me-ray´-ry, bitter, to provoke.
Mercu´rius, a false god; from the Latin word mercari, “to buy or sell,” because he presided over merchandise; in Greek, hermes, “orator” or “interpreter.”
Merib-baal, Mer-ib´-ba-al or Mer´-ib-bay´-al, rebellion, he that resists Baal, and strives against the idol.
Meribah, Mer´-re-bah, dispute, quarrel.
Merodach, Mer´-ro-dak, bitter, contrition; in Syriac, the little lord.
Merodach-baladan, Mer´-ro-dak-bal´-la-dan or ba-lay´-dan, who creates contrition, the son of death, of thy vapour.
Me´rom, eminences, elevations.
Me´roz, secret, leanness.
Meshach, Mee´-shak, that draws with force, that surrounds the waters.
Meshech, Mee´-shek, who is drawn by force, shut up, surrounded.
Meshelemiah, Mesh-el-e-my´-ah, peace, perfection, retribution of the Lord.
Mesopotamia, Mes-o-po-tay´-me-a, in Hebrew, Aramnaharaim, that is, “Syria of the two rivers.” In Greek it also signifies “between two rivers;” from μέσος, “middle,” and ϖόταμος, “river.”
Messiah, Mes-sy´-ah, anointed.
Me´theg-am´mah, the bridle of bondage.
Methusael, Me-thew´-sa-el, who demands his death.
Methuselah, Me-thew´-se-lah, he has sent his death.
Mi´cah, poor, humble, who strikes, is there.
Micaiah, My-kay´-e-ah, who is like to God? the lowliness of God.
Michaiah, My-kay´-e-ah, Michael, My´-ka-el, the same as Micaiah.
Michal, My´-kal, who is it that has all? who is perfect?
Michmash, Mik´-mash, he that strikes, the poor taken away.
Midian, Mid´-de-an, judgment, measure, covering.
Midianites, Mid´-de-an-ites, people of Midian.
Mig´dol, a tower, greatness.
Mig´ron, fear, a barn, from the throat.
Mil´cah, queen.
Mil´com, their king.
Miletum, My-lee´-tum, red, scarlet.
Mil´lo, fulness, repletion.
Min´ni, disposed, reckoned.
Min´nith, counted, prepared.
Miriam, Mir´-re-am, exalted, bitterness of the sea, mistress of the sea.
Mis´gab, the high fort or rock.
Mishael, Mish´-a-el, asked for, lent, God takes away.
Misrephoth-maim, Mis´-re-foth-may´-im, the burnings of the waters, furnaces where metals are melted.
Mitylene, Mit-e-lee´-ne, purity, press.
Mi´zar, little.
Miz´pah, a sentinel, speculation, that waits for.
Miz´peh, the same as Mizpah.
Mizraim, Miz-ray´-im, tribulations, in straits.
Mnason, Nay´-son, a diligent seeker, betrothing, an exhorter.
Mo´ab, of the father.
Mo´abites, Mo´-ab-ites, the descendants of Moab.
Moladah, Mol´-a-dah, or Mo-lay´-dah, birth, generation.
Molech, Mo´-lek, king.
Moloch, Mo´-lok, the same as Molech.
Mordecai, Mor´-de-kay, contrition, bitter bruising; in Syriac, pure myrrh.
Mori´ah, bitterness or fear of the Lord.
Mosera, Mo-see´-ra, Moseroth, Mo-see´-roth, erudition, discipline, bond.
Mo´ses, taken out of the water.
Mu´shi, he that touches, withdraws himself.
My´ra, from μύρω, I flow, pour out, weep.
Mysia, Mish´-e-a, criminal, abominable.

Naaman, Na-ay´-man, beautiful, agreeable, that prepares himself to motion.
Naamathite, Na-ay´-ma-thite, of Naamath.
Naashon, Na-ash´-on, that foretels, serpent.
Na´bal, a fool, senseless.
Na´both, words, prophecies, fruits.
Na´dab, free and voluntary gift, prince.
Nagge, Nag´-gee, brightness.
Naharai, Na-har´-ra-i or Na-ha-ray´-i, my nostrils, hoarse, hot.
Nahash, Nay´-hash, snake, one that foretels, brass.
Na´hor, hoarse, hot, angry.
Nahshon, Nay´-shon. See Naashon.
Na´hum, comforter, penitent, their guide.
Na´in, beauty, pleasantness.
Naioth, Nay´-e-oth, beauties, habitations.
Naomi, Na-o´-my, beautiful, agreeable.
Naphish, Nay´-fish, the soul, he that refreshes himself, that respires; in Syriac, that multiplies.
Naphtali, Naf´-ta-ly, comparison, likeness, that fights.
Narcissus, Nar-sis´-sus, astonishment.
Na´than, who gives, or is given.
Nathanael, Na-than´-yel, the gift of God.
Nathan-melech, Nay´-than-me´-lek, gift of the king.
Na´um. See Nahum.
Nazarene, Naz-a-ree´n, kept, flower.
Nazareth, Naz´-a-reth, separated, sanctified.
Neapolis, Ne-ap´-po-lis, new city.
Nebaioth, Ne-bay´-yoth, prophecies, fruits.
Ne´bat, that beholds.
Ne´bo, that speaks, prophesies, or fructifies.
Nebuchadnezzar, Neb-ew-kad-nez´-zar, tears and groans of judgment.
Nebuzar-adan, Neb-ew-zar´-ra-dan, fruits or prophecies of judgment, winnowed, spread.
Necho, Nee´-ko, lame, who was beaten.
Nehelamite, Ne-hel´-a-myte, dreamer, vale, brook.
Nehemiah, Ne-he-my´-ah, consolation, repentance, or rest of the Lord.
Nehiloth, Ne-hee´-loth, flute, hautboy, cornet.
Nehushta, Ne-hush´-tah, snake, soothsayer.
Nehush´tan, which is of brass or copper, a trifle of brass.
Ner, lamp, brightness, land new tilled.
Nereus, Nee´-re-us. See Ner.
Neri, Nee´-ry, my light.
Neri´ah, light and lamp of the Lord.
Nethaneel, Ne-than´-ne-el. See Nathanael.
Nethania, Neth-a-ny´-ah, the gift of the Lord.
Nethinims, Neth´-e-nims, given, offered.
Nib´haz, that fructifies, to prophesy, to speak.
Nicanor, Ny-kay´-nor, a conqueror, victorious.
Nicodemus, Nik-o-dee´-mus, innocent blood; in Greek, the victory of the people.
Nicolaitans, Nik-o-lay´-e-tanz, the followers of Nicolas.
Nicolas, Nik´-o-las, victor of the people; from νικάω, I overcome, and λαὸς, the people.
Nicopolis, Ny-kop´-po-lis, the city of victory.
Niger, Ny´-jer, black.
Nim´rim, leopard, rebellion, change.
Nim´rod, rebellious, sleep of descent.
Nim´shi, rescued from danger, that touches.
Nineveh, Nin´-ne-veh, agreeable dwelling.
Ninevites, Nin´-ne-vites, people of Nineveh.
Ni´san, banner; in Syriac, a miracle.
Nis´roch, flight, standard, proof.
No, stirring up, a forbidding.
Noadi´ah, witness of the Lord.
No´ah, repose, rest, consolation.
Nob, discourse, prophecy.
No´bah, that barks or yelps.
Nod, vagabond.
Noph, Noff, honey comb, a sieve, that drops.
Nun, son, posterity, durable.
Nymphas, Nim´-fas, spouse, bridegroom.

Obadi´ah, servant of the Lord.
O´bal, inconvenience of old age, of the flux.
O´bed, a servant.
O´bed-e´dom, the servant of Edom, the Idumean, labourer of the man.
O´bil, that weeps, deserves to be bewailed, ancient.
Oc´ran, disturber.
O´ded, to sustain, to lift up.
Og, a cake, bread baked in the ashes.
O´hel, tent, tabernacle, brightness.
Olympas, O-lim´-pas, heavenly.
O´mar, he that speaks, bitter.
Omega, O-mee´-ga, the last letter of the Greek alphabet.
Om´ri, a sheaf of corn, rebellion, bitter.
On, pain, force, iniquity.
O´nan, pain, strength, iniquity.
Onesimus, O-nes´-se-mus, profitable, useful.
Onesiphorus, On-ne-sif´-fo-rus, who brings profit.
Ophel, O´-fel, tower, obscurity.
Ophir, O´-fir, ashes.
Ophrah, Off´-rah, dust, fawn, lead.
O´reb, a raven, caution, evening.
Orion, O-ry´-on, the name of a constellation.
Or´nan, that rejoices, their bow or ark.
Or´pah, the neck, skull, nakedness of the mouth.
Oth´ni, my time, my hour.
Othniel, Oth´-ne-el, the hour of God.
O´zem, that fasts, their eagerness.
Ozias, O-zy´-as, strength from the Lord.

Paarai, Pay´-a-ray or Pay-a´-ry, opening.
Padan-aram, Pay´-dan-ay´-ram, Padan of the field, and Aram Syria.
Pagiel, Pay´-je-el, prevention or prayer of God.
Palestina, Pal-es-ty´-na, which is covered.
Pal´ti, deliverance, flight.
Pamphylia, Pam-fil´-le-a, a nation made up of every tribe; from ϖᾶς, all, and φυλὴ, a tribe.
Paphos, Pay´-fos, which boils, is very hot.
Pa´ran, beauty, glory, ornament.
Par´bar, a gate or building belonging to the temple.
Par´menas, that abides and is permanent.
Parosh, Pay´-rosh, a flea, fruit of the moth.
Parshandatha, Par-shan´-da-tha, revelation of corporeal impurities, of his trouble.
Parthians, Par´-the-ans, horsemen.
Paruah, Pa-rew´-ah, flourishing, that flies away.
Parva´im, supposed to be Peru or Ceylon.
Pash´ur, that extends the hole, whiteness.
Patara, Pa-tay´-rah, which is trodden under foot; from ϖατέω, I tread under foot.
Pathros, Path´-ros or Pay´-thros, mouthful of dew.
Pat´mos, mortal.
Patrobas, Pat´-ro-bas, paternal, that pursues the steps of his father.
Pau, Pay´-ew, that cries aloud, appears.
Paul, Paul´us, a worker. His former name was Saul, a sepulchre, a destroyer.
Pedahzur, Ped-ah´-zur, saviour, strong and powerful, stone of redemption.
Pedaiah, Ped-ay´-e-ah, redemption of the Lord.
Pe´kah, he that opens, or is at liberty.
Pekahiah, Pek-a-hy´-ah, it is the Lord that opens.
Pe´kod, noble, rulers.
Pelati´ah, let the Lord deliver.
Pe´leg, division.
Pelethites, Pel´-eth-ites, judges, destroyers.
Peniel, Pe-ny´-el, face or vision of God.
Penin´nah, precious stone, his face.
Penu´el. See Peniel.
Peor, Pee´-or, hold, opening.
Per´ga, very earthy.
Per´gamos, height, elevation.
Perizzites, Per´-iz-zytes, the name of a people who dwell in villages.
Per´sia, Per´sis, that cuts, nail, horseman.
Pe´ter, a rock, a stone.
Pethu´el, mouth or persuasion of God.
Phalec, Fay´-lek. See Peleg.
Phallu, Fal´-lu, admirable, hidden.
Phalti, Fal´-ty, deliverance, flight.
Phanuel, Fa-new´-el, face or vision of God.
Pharaoh, Fay´-ro, that disperses, that discovers; according to the Syriac, the revenger, the king, the crocodile.
Pharez, Fay´-rez, division, rupture.
Pharpar, Far´-par, that produces fruits, fall of the bull.
Phebe, Fee´-be, shining, pure.
Phenice, Fe-ny´-se, red, purple.
Phichol, Fy´-kol, the mouth of all, perfection.
Philadelphia, Fil-a-del´-fe-a, the love of a brother; from φιλία, love, and ἀδέλφος, a brother.
Philemon, Fil-ee´-mon, or Fy-lee´-mon, that is affectionate.
Philetus, Fil-ee´-tus or Fy-lee´-tus, amiable, beloved.
Phil´ip, warlike, a lover of horses.
Philippi, Fil-lip´-py, the same as Philip.
Philistia, Fil-lis´-te-a or Fy-lis´-te-a, the country of the Philistines.
Philistines, Fil-lis´-tines or Fil-lis´-tins, those that dwell in villages.
Philologus, Fil-lol´-lo-gus, lover of learning.
Phinehas, Fin´-ne-has, a bold countenance.
Phlegon, Fle´-gon, zealous, burning.
Phrygia, Frij´-e-a, dry, barren.
Phurah, Few´-rah, that bears fruit, that grows.
Phygellus, Fy-jel´-lus, fugitive.
Pi-be´seth, the mouth of despite.
Pi-hahiroth, Py-ha-hy´-roth, the mouth, the pass of Hiroth, the opening of liberty.
Pi´late, who is armed with a dart.
Pi´non, gem, that beholds.
Pirathon, Pir´-a-thon, his dissipation, deprivation; in Syriac, his vengeance.
Pis´gah, hill, eminence, fortress.
Pisidia, Py-sid´-e-a, pitch, pitchy.
Pi´son, changing, doubling, extended.
Pi´thom, their mouthful, bit, consummation.
Pi´thon, his mouth, his persuasion.
Pol´lux, a boxer.
Pontius, Pon´-she-us, marine, belonging to the sea.
Pon´tus, the sea; from ϖόντος.
Poratha, Por´-a-tha, fruitful.
Porcius, Por´-she-us.
Potiphar, Pot´-te-far, bull of Africa, fat bull.
Poti-pherah, Pot-if´-fe-rah or Pot-e-fee´-rah, that scatters or demolishes the fat.
Prisca, Pris´-kah, ancient.
Priscilla, Pris-sil´-lah, the same as Prisca.
Prochorus, Prok´-o-rus, he that presides over the choirs.
Publius, Pub´-le-us, common.
Pudens, Pew´-dens, shamefaced.
Pul, bean, destruction.
Pu´non, precious stone, that beholds.
Pur, lot.
Puteoli, Pew-tee´-o-ly, a city in Campania.
Putiel, Pew´-te-el, God is my fatness.

Quar´tus, the fourth.

Raamah, Ray´-a-mah or Ra-ay´-mah, greatness, thunder, evil, bruising.
Raamses, Ra-am´-ses. See Rameses.
Rab´bah, powerful, contentious.
Rab´-mag, who overthrows a multitude, chief of the magicians.
Rab´-saris, grand master of the eunuchs.
Rab´-shakeh, cup-bearer of the prince, chamberlain.
Rachab, Ray´-kab, proud, strong, enlarged.
Rachal, Ray´-kal, injurious, perfumer.
Rachel, Ray´-tshel, a sheep.
Ragau, Ray´-gaw, a friend, a neighbour.
Raguel, Rag-ew´-el, shepherd or friend of God.
Ra´hab, proud, strong, quarrelsome.
Ra´hab, large, extended, public place.
Rak´kath, empty, spittle.
Rak´kon, vain, mountain of lamentations.
Ram, elevated, who rejects.
Ramah, Ray´-mah, the same as Ram.
997Ramath, Ray´-math, raised, lofty.
Ramathaim-zophim, Ra-math-ay´-im-zo´-fim, the same as Ramah.
Ra´math-le´hi, elevation of the jaw bone.
Rameses, Ram´-e-ses, thunder, he that destroys evil.
Ramiah, Ram-i´-ah, exaltation of the Lord.
Ra´moth, high places.
Rapha, Ray´-fa, relaxation, physic.
Raphael, Ray-fay´-el. See Rephael.
Raphu, Ray´-few, cured, comforted.
Re´ba, the fourth, a square, that stoops.
Rebek´ah, fat, quarrel appeased.
Rechab, Re´-kab, square, chariot, rider.
Rechabites, Re´-kab-ites, the posterity of Rechab.
Re´gem, Re´-jem, that stones, purple.
Regem-melech, Re-jem´-me-lek, he that stones the king, the purple of the king.
Rehabi´ah, breadth, place of the Lord.
Re´hob, breadth, extent.
Rehobo´am, who sets the people at liberty, space of the people.
Reho´both, spaces, places.
Re´hum, compassionate, friendly.
Re´i, my shepherd, companion, my evil.
Remali´ah, the exaltation of the Lord.
Rem´mon, greatness, a pomegranate tree.
Remphan, Rem´-fan, the name of an idol, which some think to be Saturn.
Rephael, Re´-fa-el, the medicine of God.
Rephaim, Rephaims, Re-fay´-im, giant, physician, relaxed.
Rephidim, Ref´-e-dim, beds, places of rest.
Resin, Ree´-sen, a bridle or bit.
Reu, Ree´-ew, his friend, his shepherd.
Reuben, Rew´-ben, who sees the son, vision of the son.
Reu´benites, the posterity of Reuben.
Reuel, Re-yew´-el, shepherd or friend of God.
Reumah, Re-yew´-mah, lofty, sublime.
Rezeph, Ree´-zeff, a pavement, burning coal.
Re´zin, voluntary, runner.
Re´zon, lean, secret, prince.
Rhegium, Ree´-je-um, rupture, fracture.
Rhesa, Ree´-sah, will, course.
Rhoda, Ro´-dah, a rose.
Rhodes, Ro´des, the same as Rhoda.
Rib´lah, quarrel that increases or spreads.
Rim´mon, exalted, pomegranate.
Riphath, Ry´-fath, remedy, release.
Ris´sah, watering, distillation, dew.
Riz´pah, bed, extension, coal.
Rogel, Ro´-jel, a foot; in Syriac, custom.
Romamti-ezer, Ro-mam-te-ee´-zer, exultation of help.
Ro´man, strong, powerful.
Rome, strength, power; from ῥωμὴ.
Rosh, the head, the beginning.
Ru´fus, red.
Ruhamah, Ru-hay´-mah, having obtained mercy.
Ru´mah, exalted, rejected.
Ruth, filled, satisfied.

Sabe´ans, captivity, conversion, old age.
Sabtecha, Sab´-te-kah, that surrounds.
Sa´doc, just, justified.
Sa´lah, mission, dart; according to the Syriac, that spoils.
Salamis, Sal´-la-mis, shaken, tossed, beaten.
Salathiel, Sal-ay´-the-el, I have asked of God.
Sa´lem, complete, peace.
Sa´lim. See Shalim.
Sal´mon, peaceable, perfect, that rewards.
Salmone, Sal-mo´-ne, peaceable.
Salome, Sa-lo´-me. See Salmon.
Samaria, Sa-may´-re-a, his guard, prison, or diamond; in Hebrew, Shomeron.
Samar´itans, people of Samaria.
Sam´lah, raiment, his left hand, his name.
Sa´mos, full of gravel.
Samothracia, Sam-o-thray´-she-a, an island so called because it was peopled by Samians and Thracians.
Sam´son, his sun; according to the Syriac, his service, here the second time.
Sam´uel, heard or asked of God.
Sanbal´lat, bush or enemy in secret.
Saph, Saff, rushes, end, threshold.
Saphir, Saf´fir or Say´-fir, a city.
Sapphira, Saf-fy´-rah, that tells, that writes books.
Sa´rah, lady, princess of the multitude.
Sarai, Say´-ray, my lady, my princess.
Sar´dis, prince or song of joy, what remains; in Syriac, a pot or kettle.
Sarep´ta, a goldsmith’s shop, where metals used to be melted and tried.
Sar´gon, who takes away protection, who takes away the garden; according to the Syriac, nets, snares.
Sa´ron. See Sharon.
Sarsechim, Sar-see´-kim, master of the wardrobe, of the perfumes.
Saruch, Say´-ruk, branch, layer, twining.
Sa´tan, contrary, adversary, an accuser.
Saul, demanded, sepulchre, destroyer.
Sceva, See´-vah, disposed, prepared.
Scythian, Sith´-e-an, tanner, leather-dresser.
Se´ba, drunkard, that surrounds; according to the Syriac, old man.
Se´bat, twig, sceptre, tribe.
Se´cundus, the second.
Se´gub, fortified, raised.
Seir, See´-er, hairy, demon, tempest, barley.
Se´lah, a rock.
Seleucia, Se-lew´-she-a, beaten by waves, runs as a river.
Semei, Sem´-me-i, or Se-mee´-i, hearing, obeying.
Se´neh, bush.
Se´nir, a sleeping candle, a changing.
Sennacherib, Sen-nak´-ke-rib, bush of the destruction of the sword, of drought.
Sephar, See´-far, a book, scribe; in Syriac, a haven.
Sepharad, See-fay´-rad, a book, descending, ruling.
Sepharvaim, Sef-ar-vay´-im, two books, two scribes.
Se´rah, lady of scent, song, the morning.
Seraiah, Se-ra-i´-ah or Se-ray´-yah, prince of the Lord.
Sergius, Ser´-je-us, a net.
Se´rug. See Saruch.
Seth, put, who puts.
Shaalbim, Shay-alb´-im, that beholds the heart.
Shaaraim, Shay-a-ray´-im, gates, valuation, hairs, barley, tempests, demons.
998Shaashgaz, Shay-ash´-gaz, he that presses the fleece.
Shadrach, Shay´-drak, tender nipple, tender field.
Sha´lim, fox, fist, path.
Shalisha, Shal´-e-shah, three, the third, prince.
Shal´lecheth, a casting out.
Shal´lum, perfect, peaceable.
Shal´man, peaceable, perfect, that rewards.
Shalmanezer, Shal-ma-nee´-zer, peace tied, perfection and retribution.
Sham´gar, named a stranger, he is here a stranger, surprise of the stranger.
Sham´huth, desolation, astonishment.
Sha´mir, prison, bush, lees.
Sham´mah, loss, desolation, astonishment.
Shammuah, Sham´-mew-ah, that is heard or obeyed.
Shaphan, Shay´-fan, a rabbit, wild rat, their lip.
Shaphat, Shay´-fat, a judge.
Sharai, Shar´-a-i or Sha-ray´-i, my lord, my song.
Sharezer, Shar-ee´-zer, overseer of the treasury.
Sha´ron, his plain, field, song.
Sha´shak, a bag of linen, the sixth bag.
Sha´veh, the plain, that makes equality.
Shealtiel, She-al´-te-el, I have asked of God.
Sheariah, She-a-ry´-ah, gate or tempest of the Lord.
She´ar-ja´shub, the remnant shall return.
She´ba, captivity, compassing about, repose, old age.
Shebaniah, Sheb-a-ny´-ah, the Lord that converts, that recals from captivity, that understands.
Sheb´na, who rests himself, who is now captive.
Shechem, Shee´-kem, portion, the back, shoulders.
Shedeur, Shee´-de-ur or Shed´-e-ur, field, destroyer of fire.
She´lah, that breaks, that undresses.
Shelemiah, Shel-le-my´-ah, God is my perfection, my happiness.
Sheleph, Shee´-lef, who draws out.
Shel´omith, my happiness, my recompense.
Shelumiel, Shel-ew-my´-el, happiness, retribution of God.
Shem, name, renown, he that places.
Shemaiah, She-ma-i´-ah or Shem-ay´-yah, that obeys the Lord.
Shemariah, Shem-a-ry´-ah, God is my guard, diamond.
Shemeber, Shem´-me-ber, name of force, fame of the strong.
Shemer, Shee´-mer, guardian, thorn.
Shemida, She-my´-dah, name of knowledge, that puts knowledge, the science of the heavens.
Sheminith, Shem´-me-nith, the eighth.
Shemiramoth, She-mir´-ra-moth, the height of the heavens, the elevation of the name.
Shen, tooth, change, he that sleeps.
Shenir, Shee´-nir, lantern, light that sleeps, he that shows.
Shephatiah, Shef-a-ty´-ah, the Lord that judges.
Sheshach, Shee´-shak, bag of flax, the sixth bag.
Sheshbazzar, Shesh-baz´-zar, joy in tribulation, or of vintage.
Sheth. See Seth.
Shether-boznai, Shee´-ther-boz´-na-i, that makes to rot and corrupt.
She´va, vanity, elevation, fame, tumult.
Shibboleth, Shib´-bo-leth, burden, ear of corn.
Shicron, Shy´-kron, drunkenness, his wages.
Shiggaion, Shig-gay´-yon, a song of trouble.
Shigionoth, Shig-gy´-on-oth, mournful music.
Shiloah, Shy-lo´-ah. See Siloah.
Shi´loh, sent, the Apostle.
Shi´loh, peace, abundance.
Shilonite, Shy´-lo-nyte, of the city of Shiloh.
Shimeah, Shim´-me-ah, that hears, that obeys.
Shimei, Shim´-me-i, that hears, name of the heap, my reputation.
Shimshai, Shim´-shay, my sun.
Shinar, Shy´-nar, the watching of him that sleeps, change of the city.
Shiphrah, Shif´-rah, handsome, trumpet, that does good.
Shi´shak, present of the bag, of the pot, of the thigh.
Shit´tim, that turn away, scourges, rods.
Sho´a, tyrants.
Sho´bab, returned, turned back.
Sho´bach, your bonds, your nets, his captivity; according to the Syriac, a dove house.
Shochoh, Sho´-koh, defence, a bough.
Shoshan´nim, lilies of the testimony.
Shu´ah, pit, humiliation, meditation.
Shu´al, fox, hand, fist, traces, way.
Shu´hite, a descendant of Shuah.
Shu´lamite, peaceable, perfect, that recompenses.
Shu´namite, a native of Shunem.
Shu´nem, their change, their sleep.
Shur, wall, ox.
Shu´shan, lily, rose, joy.
Shu´thelah, plant, verdure, moist pot.
Sib´mah, conversion, captivity, old age, rest.
Sichem, Sy´-kem. See Shechem.
Si´don, hunting, fishing, venison.
Sigionoth, Sig-gy´-o-noth, according to variable tunes.
Si´hon, rooting out, conclusion.
Si´hor, black, trouble, early in the morn.
Si´las, three, the third.
Siloas, Sil´-o-as or Sy-lo´-as, Siloam, Sil´-o-am or Sy-lo´-am, sent, dart, branch.
Siloe, Sil´-o-e or Sy-lo´-e, the same as Siloas.
Silva´nus, one who loves the woods.
Sim´eon, that hears or obeys.
Si´mon, that hears or obeys.
Sin, bush.
Sinai, Sy´-nay or Sy´-nay-i, bush, according to the Syriac, enmity.
Si´nim, the south country.
Si´on, noise, tumult.
Si´rah, turning aside, rebellion.
Sirion, Sir´-re-on, a breastplate, deliverance.
Sisera, Sis´-se-rah, that sees a horse or swallow.
Si´van, bush, thorn.
Smyr´na, myrrh.
So, a measure for grain or dry matters.
So´coh, tents, tabernacles.
So´di, my secret.
999Sodom, Sod´-dom, their secret, their lime, their cement.
Sodomites, Sod´-dom-ites, inhabitants of Sodom.
Sol´omon, peaceable, perfect, one who recompenses.
Sopater, So-pay´-ter, who defends or saves his father.
So´rek, hissing, a colour inclining to yellow.
Sosipater, So-se-pay´-ter. See Sopater.
Sosthenes, Sos´-the-nes, a strong and powerful saviour.
Spain, rare, precious.
Stachys, Stay´-kis, spike; from ϛάχυς.
Stephanas, Stef´-fa-nas, a crown, crowned.
Ste´phen, the same as Stephanas.
Suc´coth, tents, tabernacles.
Suc´coth-be´noth, the tabernacles of young women.
Suk´kiims, covered, shadowed.
Sur, that withdraws or departs.
Susan´na, a lily, a rose, joy.
Susi, Su´-sy, horse, swallow, moth.
Sychar, Sy´-kar, the name of a city.
Syene, Sy-ee´-ne, bush; according to the Syriac, enmity.
Syntyche, Sin´-te-ke, that speaks or discourses.
Syracuse, Sir´-ra-kewse, that draws violently.
Syria, Sir´-re-a, in Hebrew, Aram, sublime, deceiving.
Syriac, Syrian, Sir´-re-ak, Sir´-re-an, of Syria.
Syrians, Sir´-re-ans, inhabitants of Syria.
Syro-phenician, Sy´-ro-fe-nish´-e-an, purple, drawn to; from σύρω, I draw, and φοῖνιξ, red palm tree.

Taanach, Tay´-a-nak, or Ta-ay´-nak, who humbles or answers thee.
Tab´bath, good, goodness.
Tabeal, Tay´-be-al or Tab-ee´-al, good God.
Tabeel, Tay´-be-el or Tab-ee´-el, the same as Tabeal.
Taberah, Tab´-e-rah or Tab-ee´-rah, burning.
Tabitha, Tab´-e-tha, in Syriac, clear sighted; she is also called Dorcas, wild goat.
Ta´bor, choice; in Syriac, contrition.
Tabrimon, Tab´-re-mon, good promegranate.
Tad´mor, palm tree, change.
Tahapanes, Ta-hap´-pa-nes, secret temptation.
Tahpenes, Tah´-pe-nes, standard, flight.
Talitha-cumi, Tal´-le-tha-kew´-my, young woman, arise.
Talmai, Tal´-may, my furrow, heap of waters.
Ta´mar, a palm, palm tree.
Tam´muz, abstruse, concealed.
Tanhumeth, Tan-hew´-meth or Tan´-hu-meth, consolation, repentance.
Taphath, Tay´-fath, little girl.
Tar´pelites, ravishers, wearied.
Tar´shish, contemplation of the marble.
Tar´sus, winged, feathered.
Tar´tak, chained, bound, shut up.
Tar´tan, that searches the gift of the turtle.
Tatnai, Tat´-nay, that gives.
Te´bah, murder, a cook.
Te´beth, the Babylonish name of the tenth month of the Hebrews.
Te´kel, weight.
Tekoa, Te-ko´-ah, sound of the trumpet.
Tel´abid, a heap of new grain.
Tel-harsa, Tel-har´-sah, heap, suspension of the plough or of the head.
Te´lieth, goodness.
Tel-melah, Tel´-me-lah or Tel-mee´-lah, heap of salt or of mariners.
Te´ma, admiration, perfection.
Te´man, the south, Africa.
Te´manite, an inhabitant of Teman.
Te´rah, to breathe, to scent, to blow.
Teraphim, Ter´-ra-fim, an image, an idol.
Tertius, Ter´-she-us, the third.
Tertul´lus, a liar, an impostor.
Tetrarch, Tet´-rark or Tee´-trarck, governor of a fourth part of a kingdom.
Thaddeus, Thad-dee´-us, that praises.
Tha´hash, that makes haste, or keeps silence.
Tha´mah, that blots out or suppresses.
Tha´mar. See Tamar.
Tham´muz. See Tammuz.
The´bez, muddy, silk.
Thelasar, The-lass´-ar, that unbinds and grants the suspension or heap.
Theophilus, The-of´-fe-las, a friend of God.
Thessalonica, Thes-sa-lo-ny´-kah, victory against the Thessalians.
Theudas, Thew´-das, a false teacher.
Thomas, Tom´-mas, a twin.
Thum´mim, truth, perfection.
Thyatira, Thy-a-ty´-rah, a sweet savour of labour or sacrifice of contrition.
Tiberias, Ti-bee´-re-as, good vision.
Tiberius, Ti-bee´-re-us, son of Tiber.
Tib´ni, straw, understanding.
Ti´dal, that breaks the yoke.
Tiglath-pileser, Tig´-lath-pi-lee´-zer, that takes away captivity, miraculous.
Tik´vah, hope, a congregation.
Timeus, Ti-mee´-us, in Greek, perfect, honourable; in Hebrew, admirable.
Tim´-nath, image, enumeration.
Timnath-heres, Tim´-nath-hee´-res, image of the dumb.
Ti´mon, honourable.
Timo´theus, honour of God, valued of God.
Tiphsah, Tif´-sah, passage, passover.
Tirhakah, Tir-hay´-kah or Tir´-ha-kah, inquirer, law made dull.
Tirshatha, Tir-shay´-tha, that overturns the foundation; in Syriac, that beholds the time.
Tir´zah, benevolent, pleasant.
Tish´bite, that makes captives, that dwells.
Ti´tus, honourable; from τίω, I honour.
To´ah, a weapon.
Tob, good, goodness.
Tob-adonijah, Tob´-ad-o-ny´-jah, my good God.
Tobi´ah, the Lord is good.
Togar´mah, which is all bone, strong.
To´hu, that lives or declares.
Toi, To´-i, who wanders.
To´la, worm, scarlet.
To´lad, nativity.
Tophel, To´-fel, ruin, folly, insipid.
Tophet, To´-fet, a drum, betraying.
Tro´as, penetrated.
Trogyllium, Tro-jil´-le-um, a city in the isle of Samos.
Trophimus, Trof´-fe-mus, well educated.
1000Tryphena, Try-fee´-nah, delicate.
Trypho´sa, thrice shining.
Tu´bal, the earth, confusion.
Tu´bal-cai´n, worldly possession, jealous of confusion.
Tychicus, Tik´-e-kus, casual, happening.
Tyran´nus, a prince, one that reigns.
Tyre, Ty´rus, in Hebrew, Sor or Tzur, strength.

Ucal, Yew´-kal, power, prevalency.
Ulai, Yew´-la-i or Yew-lay´, strength.
Ulam, Yew´-lam, the porch, their strength.
Ul´la, elevation, holocaust, leaf.
Un´ni, poor, afflicted.
Uphaz, Yew´-faz, gold of Phasis or Pison.
Ur, fire, light.
Urba´nus, civil, courteous.
Uri, Yew´-ry, my light or fire.
Uriah, Urijah, Yew-ry´-ah, Yew-ry´-jah, the Lord is my light or fire.
Uri´el, God is my light or fire.
Urim and Thummim, Yew´-rim and Thum´-mim, lights and perfection.
Uz, counsel; in Syriac, to fix.
Uz´zah, strength, a goat.
Uzzen-sherah, Uz´-zen-shee´-rah, ear of the flesh or of the parent.
Uz´zi, my strength, my kid.
Uzzi´ah, the strength of the Lord.
Uzzi´el, the strength of God.
Uzzielites, Uz-zy´-el-ites, the posterity of Uzziel.

Vash´ni, the second.
Vash´ti, that drinks, thread.
Vophsi, Vof´-sy, fragment, diminution.

Zaana´nim, movings.
Za´bad, a dowry.
Zab´di, portion, dowry.
Zaccheus, Zak-kee´-us, pure, justified.
Zachari´ah, memory of the Lord.
Za´dok, just, justified.
Za´ham, crime, impurity.
Zair, Zay´-ir, little, afflicted.
Zal´mon, his shade, obscurity.
Zalmo´nah, the shade, your image.
Zalmun´na, shadow, image.
Zamzum´mims, thinking, wickedness.
Zano´ah, forgetfulness, this rest.
Zaphnath-paaneah, Zaf´-nath-pay-a-nee´-ah, one that discovers hidden things; in the Egyptian tongue, a saviour of the world.
Za´rah, east, brightness.
Zarephath, Zar´-re-fath, ambush of the mouth.
Zare´tan, tribulation, perplexity.
Za´za, belonging to all; in Syriac, going back.
Zebadi´ah, portion of the Lord.
Ze´bah, victim, immolation.
Zeb´edee, abundant portion.
Zebo´im, deer, goats.
Ze´bul, a habitation.
Zeb´ulun, dwelling, habitation.
Zechari´ah. See Zachariah.
Ze´dad, his side, his hunting.
Zedeki´ah, the Lord is my justice.
Zeeb, Zee´-eb, wolf.
Ze´lek, the noise of him that licks or laps.
Zelophehad, Ze-lo´-fe-ad, the shade or tingling of fear.
Zelotes, Ze-lo´-tes, jealous, full of zeal.
Zel´zah, noontide.
Ze´nas, living.
Zephani´ah, the Lord is my secret, the mouth of the Lord.
Zephath, Zee´-fath, which beholds, attends.
Ze´pho, that sees and observes.
Zer, perplexity, tribulation, a rock.
Ze´rah. See Zarah.
Zeredah, Zer´-e-dah or Ze-ree´-dah, ambush.
Ze´resh, misery, stranger.
Ze´ror, root, that straitens, a stone.
Zeru´ah, leprous, hornet.
Zerubbabel, Ze-rub´-ba-bel, banished, a stranger at Babylon, dispersion of confusion.
Zeruiah, Zer-ew-i´-ah, pain, tribulation.
Ze´than, their olive.
Ze´thar, he that examines or beholds.
Zi´ba, army, fight, strength, stag.
Zib´eon, iniquity that dwells, the seventh.
Zib´iah, deer, goat, honourable and fine.
Zichri, Zic´-ry, that remembers, a male.
Zid´dim, huntings; in Syriac, destructions.
Zi´don, hunting, fishing, venison.
Zido´nians, inhabitants of Zidon.
Zif, this, that; according to the Syriac, brightness.
Zik´lag, measure pressed down.
Zil´lah, shadow, which is roasted, the tingling of the ear.
Zil´pah, distillation, contempt of the mouth.
Zim´ran, song, singer, vine.
Zim´ri, my field, my vine, my branch.
Zin, buckler, coldness.
Zi´on, a monument, sepulchre, turret.
Zi´or, ship of him that watches, ship of the enemy.
Ziph, Ziff, this mouth, mouthful.
Zip´por, bird, crown; according to the Syriac, early in the morning, goat.
Zip´porah, beauty, trumpet.
Zith´ri, to hide, overturned.
Ziz, flower, a lock of hair; according to the Syriac, wing, feather.
Zi´za. See Zaza.
Zo´an, motion.
Zo´ar, little, small.
Zo´bah, an army, a swelling.
Zo´har, white, shining, dryness.
Zohe´leth, that creeps or draws.
Zophar, Zo´-far, rising early, crown; in Syriac, sparrow, goat.
Zo´rah, leprosy, scab.
Zorobabel, Zo-rob´-ba-bel. See Zerubbabel.
Zuar, Zew´-ar, small.
Zuph, that observes, roof.
Zur, stone, plan, form.
Zuri´el, the rock or strength of God.
Zurishaddai, Zew´-ry-shad´-da-i, the Almighty is my rock, splendour, beauty.
Zu´zims, the posts of a door, splendour; in Syriac, departing, money; in Chaldee, strong.
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