East Africa C. 2000 BC

East Africa C. 2000 BC A distintive culture has developed around the practice of carving bowls from stone, probably as cooking posts for stew.

Britain C. 2000 BC

Britain C. 2000 BC At Stonehenge in Wessex, an impressive circle of standing stones is constructed. Stonehenge has replaced Avebury as the preeminent ritual center of southern Britain.

South America C. 2000 BC

South America C. 2000 BC Large-scale maize cultivation is under way in the Peruvian Andes and permanent villages are emerging. Pottery is being made in the Andes for the first time, though elewhere on the continent the art has been known for at least 1,000 years.

Mesopotamia C. 2047 BC

Mesopotamia C. 2047 BC The Sumerian king, Urnammu founds the Third Dynasty of Ur and takes the title King of Summer and Akkad

Egypt C. 2350 BC

Egypt C. 2350 BC The Egyptians have adopted the practice of making hieroglyphic inscriptons on the walls of the Pharaoh’s tombs, in order to protect their occupants after death.

Mexico C. 2500 BC

Mexico C. 2500 BC Pottery and weaving are developing in central Mexico

Near East C. 2500 BC

Near East C. 2500 BC Bronze is beoming a popular material for the manufacture of arms and tools.

Mesopotamia C. 2500 BC

Mesopotamia C. 2500 BC The world’s first libraries are being set up at Shurruppak and Eresh.

Egypt C. 2615 BC

Egypt C.2615 BC Djoser a king of the 3rd Dynasty has his chief architect build the step pyramid of Saqqara

Mesopotamia C. 2675 BC.

Mesopotamia C. 2675 BC. Gilgamesh fights to keep Uruk independent. He is credited with the building of the city’s walls

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